RoboPal Robotic Sweeper Review

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What is RoboPal Robotic Sweeper?

It is an easy to use cleaning device that promises to clean your floors with a push of a button.

RoboPal Robotic Sweeper asserts that now you don’t have to hassle yourself with cleaning the floors in your house, which can be a tedious and time consuming exercise. As a proud home owner you want every corner in your house to be spic and span. But that means you have to roll up your sleeves and get on with the task yourself. After all hiring professional cleaning service to do the job can be an expensive exercise. But this specially created device claims to make the job easier for you so that you can get on with more important activities and spend your time constructively. However we are not sure of these claims as we haven’t been able to look at enough RoboPal Robotic Sweeper reviews yet.



A customer of RoboPal says that it works great on their ceramic flooring, but does not work well on carpeting. The cleaning pads need to be changed but there is no information where one can buy them. They bought RoboPal and ordered a service agreement with it, but didn’t receive it even after a month. Another customer writes that the sweeper doesn’t operate the way it is shown on TV. It moves slowly on the carpet and gives many error messages when the sweeper stops. The sweeper started cleaning the carpet after adjustments were made. Because if this cleaning was more of a chore than easy.

For a user of RoboPal, it did not go from a carpet to floor, kept getting stuck and did not have enough power. Another user returned it because it wouldn’t work on black marble and floor vents. One reviewer says that it must work well on bare floors but needs more power on rugs, which it lacks. They had to return it for refund because most of their floors are covered by rug and this was useless. A user calls it the worst product they have purchased and adds that they are extremely disappointed with it. The sweeper does not pick up anything and they chucked it after three uses. Another reviewer says that the sweeper didn’t find its way out of a paper bag and the white cloth filled with dust easily. The cleaner plays no part in cleaning.

A customer of RoboPal writes in their review that it doesn’t run a back and forth path on hardwood or vinyl floors but moves around every which way but it’s difficult to say it is picking up any dirt. They were sorry to buy it. Another reviewer says that it is a waste of time and money and doesn’t perform as it is represented. They add that it is a good dust spreader that needs to be cleaned and restarted frequently. One user says that they tried to use it on ceramic and hardwood tile and Berber carpet but it stuck in a corner each time and beeped till it was moved. Another user says that they were anxious to receive the sweeper. It constantly stuck on the carpet even though it is not deep. It also didn’t detect the table and chair legs on the hard floors and worked the same spot time and again.


An effective cleaning solution

What makes this sweeper effective is its dual brush system that is powerful enough to seek out the dust on your floors so that they are cleaned on their own without you having to do anything. In fact, it stresses that a simple push of a button is all it takes to clean floors to perfection. Now that seems like a far-fetched claim that will have to be verified after going through RoboPal Robotic Sweeper reviews. Another important highlight of this sweeper is its Smart Sense technology, which is boosted by the high functionality of its sensors. It thus avoids objects, stairs and falls along the way while doing the cleaning job efficiently. Is this true in your experience? Why don’t you tell us about it in your RoboPal Robotic Sweeper reviews?

This sweeper has been specially designed to be low profile, which allows it to clean easily under the furniture according to its claims. We are going to look at RoboPal Robotic Sweeper reviews closely before we accept this claim.


Versatile cleaner for your needs

You know there are cleaners that either work on carpets or floors and keep adding to your costs and creating storage space views. But this sweeper emphasizes on the fact that it works well on both, the floor and carpets so that you can get the optimum use of it. Do you think this cleaning device is really versatile? We would like to find out about it in your RoboPal Robotic Sweeper reviews. We also hope that RoboPal Robotic Sweeper reviews talk about the simple programming system it has. There are three simple time modes that can be chosen by the push of a button to get the cleaning task done exactly according to your requirements.

Overall it is a one touch dirt removal system, which maintains that it can clean through every corner. Moreover it has a dusting and polishing cloth that not only helps to dust but polish the floors as well. We will look at RoboPal Robotic Sweeper closely to ascertain this.


What do I get?

You get RoboPal Robotic Sweeper for £149.99 plus £ 6.99 p&p.Official website

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