Splashaway Mat Review

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What is Splashaway Bath Mat?

Have you had enough with those wet slippery floors? Mopping and wringing can be too much of work and ordinary bath mats don’t absorb water perfectly. Now there is a simple and easy way to keep your floor clean and dry always.
Here’s introducing the Splashaway Mat, a water soaking bath mat that soaks water efficiently keeping your floor both clean and dry. Unlike regular bath mats that simply don’t do the job the Splashaway Bath Mat is the ultimate bath mat that absorbs water quickly.


Super absorbent and super soft

The Splashaway Bath Mat is both super absorbent and super soft. It is designed to hold 20 times its weight in water keeping your floors completely clean and dry. Designed to absorb water quickly and completely, the Splashaway Bath Mat is the only bath mat you will ever need. It feels great on your feet too. You and your family will simply love this superior bath mat because of the way it keeps your floor looking clean and dry.

How it works

The Splashaway Bath Mat is designed with a thick and thirsty microfiber technology allowing water to be pulled deep into the fibers. This gives the mat a soft and dry exterior. So no matter how much water is poured on it the Splashaway Bath Mat will absorb it fast and will dry quickly too.


Perfect for pool or boat

Unlike ordinary bath mats that stay wet for hours the Splashaway Bath Mat absorbs quickly and dries quickly. The Splashaway Bath Mat is great for the pool side or the boat.


Non-skid backing

The Splashaway Bath Mat features as a non skid backing so it stays put in place. This amazing feature ensures that there is no skidding and no slipping. You are sure to love the Splashaway Bath Mat.


Great for kids

The non skid backing feature makes it the perfect bath mat for your kids too. With this ultimate bad mat your kids will never slip or skid ever again.


Machine Washable

The best part about the Splashaway Bath Mat is that it is machine washable. So every time it gets dirty simply drop it in the machine and its ready to use again.
Instead of wasting precious time mopping and wringing try this amazing water soaking bath mat and feel the difference.
Order your Splashaway Bath Mat today and let your family enjoy clean and dry floors forever!


What Do I Get?

  • Please see Official website: getsplashaway.com
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