Silky Heel Callus Remover Review

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About Silky Heel Callus Remover

Silky Heel Callus Remover states to be a battery-operated callus remover that takes the chore out of buffing away dead and dry skin cells of the feet. Silky Heel Callus Remover alleges to work on dry as well as wet skin so you can even use it in the shower. The roller head of Silky Heel Callus Remover proclaims to be replaceable and washable so it is easy to clean and also reusable.


How does it work

Alleging to be an effective way of getting rid of calluses, Silky Heel Callus Remover claims to have a unique roller grinder that rotates in 360° motion and buffs away the dead skin cells from the feet. Silky Heel Callus Remover declares that it is easy to use and you just need to place the roller head on the affected skin or calluses to buff the dead skin cells away.

Eliminate hard calluses and dead skin from feet

If you suffer from calluses on your feet, you do not have to rush to a salon to get a pedicure. Silky Heel Callus Remover is a callus removing device that assures to be a pedicure right in your palms. Silky Heel Callus Remover promises to make callus removal easier, comfortable and time saving. Silky Heel Callus Remover claims to be battery-operated so its unique roller grinder rotates automatically to buff away the calluses and dead skin cells in seconds without proving to be painful or difficult.


Replaceable and washable head

Silky Heel Callus Remover declares that its head is replaceable and washable so cleaning it is a breeze and you can reuse it any number of times. Silky Heel Callus Remover maintains to be battery-operated so you do not waste electricity when using it. Silky Heel Callus Remover also emphasizes to work on dry and wet skin so there is no risk of electric shock even when you use it on wet skin or in the shower. Silky Heel Callus Remover claims to be compact so it reaches the contours of your feet to smoothen the skin all over.


What do I get?

You get Silky Heel Callus Remover for $19.95.Official website

1 Comment on "Silky Heel Callus Remover Review"

  1. I bought one for $10 at the as seen kn tv shop yesterday.
    Ive used it twice for five minutes and found that it does what it says, my dry hard skin on my heels is softened and ground away. Not fully but significantly. I love it. No more cracked heels and i can rub moisturiser onto my uncracked skin now.. quite impressed. Its small hand held and comes with a spare head, the file part rotates at a fast pace to grund away dead skin.

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