Zip Blankies Review

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What is Zip Blankies?

Do your kids struggle to make their beds in the morning? Making beds that are close to the wall can be a tough job, but not anymore. Here’s introducing an easy, simple and amazing way for your child to make their bed with ease.
Here’s introducing Zip Blankies, a cover that you can zip up to make into a cozy and comfortable blanket. With Zip Blankies you can zip up your bed in just seconds. Zip Blankies are perfect for keeping your covers on all night long.
Zip Blankies are designed for kids and they are sure to love it.


Great for use on bunk beds too

Zip Blankies are perfect to use on bunk beds too. Simply zip it up and you are done. It’s that easy.

No more freezing

With Zip Blankies there will be no more feeling cold at night because these cozy and comfortable blankets are sure to keep you sung, warm and cozy. Unlike ordinary blankets that don’t stay put in place Zip Blankies fit tight keeping you cozily tucked in bed.


Fits like a fitted sheet

Zip Blankies fit like a fitted sheet so your bed always looks neat and tidy. You are sure to love the way your kid’s bed always looks neatly tucked in. with Zip Blankies there will be no more lose covers ever again.


Machine washable

Zip Blankies are machine washable too. So every time it needs to be washed simply pop it in the machine. It’s that easy.


Secret Storage pockets

Zip Blankies are designed with a pocket on the side for you to keep your stuff. It also has a secret pocket making this amazing blanket really cool.


Perfect for sleepovers

Zip Blankies are easy to carry, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. So every time your kids have a sleepover they can simply unzip the removable top from Zip Blankies from their bed and carry it with them.


Variety of sweet and lovable characters

Zip Blankies features a wide variety of adorable characters. You get to choose from five adorable and charming characters. You can get Lovable Unicorn, Adorable Dog, Cuddly Bear, Stylish Snow Leopard, and Friendly Dragon. Your kids are guaranteed to love Zip Blankies because of the comfort it provides and the ease with which they can make their bed.
Order Zip Blankies for your kids and they can forget their bedtime moans and groans. Your kids will love to zip into their Zip Blankies.


What Do I Get?

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