Smart Shelf Review

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About Smart Shelf

Smart Shelf claims to be a low-profile, foldable and lightweight shelf that keeps your essentials organized and within reach when you’re on your bed or couch. It states to come with a cup holder and cord catcher, and stay put in place even when you get on or off the bed.


How does it work

You need just a few seconds to transform Smart Shelf into a sturdy table, as its makers proclaim. It asserts that you just need to unfold the unit and slide it between the mattress and box spring of your bed to get a nightstand within reach. Or, Smart Shelf declares that you can also fix it between your couch cushions and keep your things like your phone, coffee mug, pen or remote control on the shelf to have them handy when you need.


A foldable shelf to organize your essentials

No more leaning, stretching and straining to reach your essentials on the nightstand, or sleeping amidst tangled wires of your phones and tablets. Smart Shelf is a foldable shelf that assures to make life easier for you by organizing your essentials and keeping them within your reach. By simply unfolding the Smart Shelf and sliding it between the mattress and box spring or between sofa cushions, you will allegedly have a stand to keep stuff instantly. Smart Shelf proclaims to come with a cup holder and cord catcher, too, so you can keep your beverage and even snacks on the shelf and enjoy snacking – or keep the remote control – while watching TV without having to get up again and again.

Smart Shelf maintains that you can keep your nighttime essentials like your reading glasses, book, alarm clock, phone, etc by your side without having to search for them. Or, keep a bottle of water and not have to walk or stretch for it in the night. Smart Shelf emphasizes that it also has a cord catcher, so your bed won’t be a mire of wires of your phones and tablets and they won’t snap or your devices fall, as Smart Shelf convinces. At the same time, you do not have to stretch and struggle for the cables and chargers that are lying on the floors.



Ideal for small spaces like RVs and dorms

You are guaranteed to have a shelf handy even on the go since Smart Shelf states to be foldable, lightweight, and portable. You can allegedly carry Smart Shelf on travels in your bag or even purse when you are visiting someone. You do not have to worry about dropping your things when you get on or off the bed because Smart Shelf promises to stay fixed in its place no matter what. Smart Shelf proclaims to be sturdy and withstand 5lbs of weight of any stuff and to be ideal for RVs, dorms, camps, top bunk and other such small spaces. Smart Shelf claims that you can fold it and transform it into a tablet stand for your car, bed and even desks.


What do I get?

You will get two Smart Shelf™ today for just $14.99 plus $15.98 P&H.Official website


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