Go Chef Review

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What is it

Its TV commercial convinces that it is an 8-in-1 cooker that needs just a turn of a dial to let you make delicious meals quickly. It states to let you replace multiple cookers to save space and money. It assures that its clean up is a breeze.



An 8-in-1 cooker

Go Chef claims to be a fast and easy way to let you make meals that will impress your family. Go Chef states to be an 8-in-1 cooker that will allow you to replace various cooking devices with this one. Go Chef assures to let you get rid of appliances that clutter your kitchen – like microwave, fryer, grill, pressure cooker, etc. Go Chef alleges to let you cook meals in 8 ways like roasting, slow cooking, frying, steaming, baking, poaching, and also making yummy desserts. Go Chef asserts to let you make everyday healthy meals like steamed rice and stew as well as party meals like fries and risottos just as easily. Go Chef states to let you make roasted chicken and potato, slow cooked stews, steamed veggies, poached salmon, French fries, and even desserts like fondue.


Juicier, tastier and healthier food in minutes

If you want get tastier, juicier and healthier food in less time, then Go Chef promises to be your go to kitchen appliance. Unlike traditional methods that are so painful, Go Chef guarantees to be the easiest way to cook food. All Go Chef proclaims to need is turning the temperature and time dial to let you make the perfectly cooked meal quickly. Go Chef asserts that you can leave it to cook your food and get ready for work in the meanwhile to save time. In this manner, Go Chef proves to be ideal for people with busy lifestyles who end up compromising on home-cooked and healthy food. Go Chef states to also retain the nutrients in the food. Go Chef maintains to give you golden food from frozen without the need to thaw it. The special non-stick coating of Go Chef alleges that you don’t oil or grease to cook food. Thus Go Chef promises to let you cook super healthy food.



Easy to clean

Go Chef emphasizes that it cooks all the meals in just one pot so you won’t have a heap of pots and pans to clean later. Go Chef pot proclaims to itself be easy to clean and you can just wash it with soap and water to clean it. Maintaining to have a 5 liter large pot, Go Chef will let you cook for your entire family quickly. Go Chef convinces that it cooks food evenly so that it’s not under cooked or over cooked anywhere. Since Go Chef allegedly replaces multiple appliances, it promises to let you save at least $500 on buying these appliances. Go Chef assures to let you stack cook so you can save more time cooking. Go Chef asserts that you can steam rice at the bottom and at the same time steam veggies on the grill on top.


What do I get?

You will get Go Chef with 5-litre non-stick bowl plus Deluxe Accessory Package (high rack, low rack & frying basket) and Recipe Guide. All for just 3 easy payments of $29.99 plus $19.99 p&h.Official website buygochef.com


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