Shake Weight DUO Review

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What is Shake Weight Duo?-

It is a revolutionary exercise equipment that resembles a dumbbell and is suited specifically to women. It guarantees perfectly chiseled arms, upper body, abs and amazing overall shape with just eight and a half minutes of use a day.



A smart fitness solution exclusively for women

Shake Weight Duoclaims it is the perfect woman-centric fitness solution that will transform your body like no other exercise machine or device ever could. Its makers present it as a simple yet exceptionally smart and effective equipment which sets you on a completely new track to get in shape and attain incredible fitness. It’s basically a handy exercise equipment which resembles a dumbbell. Itpromises to help you tone upyour body, build muscle, tighten your arms and abs and do lots more the way you wantwithout struggling with heavy duty exercise machines.


Desired results without slogging for hours

Shake Weight Duopromises to yield the results you’ve always wanted in just eight and a half minuteseveryday. Youare assured thatdon’t have to slog away in the gym or anywhere for hours to get fantastic arms, upper body, abs and more. The secret that powers Shake Weight Duo is a concept called Dynamic Inertia, a system that boosts muscle activity. The promoters of Shake Weight Duo allege that other exercise machines lag far behind it as unlike them, it provides you with more than 300% better muscle activity with just eight and a half minutes of daily use. You can perceive it as a smart shortcut to toning and tightening arms, abs and empower you with a lot more easily and conveniently.



Power workout the easy and brand new way!

The promoters of Shake Weight Duo proclaim that they are introducing you to a completely new way of working out that’s fun and incredibly time-saving. It goes beyond everything you have done so far, which you will realize when you follow the steps it prescribes. All you have to do is pick it up,roll it, twist it, push it, pull itand then go a step ahead by shaking it. You’ve probably have come acrossshaking an exercise equipment to exercise, but that’s what Shake Weight Duo gets you to do. You can look forward to experience a unique and fun way to exercise by shaking it as a part of the session and complete the entire workout session without any stress or discomfort in less than 10 minutes.


Convenient, time-saving and cost-effective

Shake Weight Duo is handy, compact and easy to use and nothing like other bulky exercise equipment. It is light enough be shaken up to tone your arms and at the same time so strong you can have a complete workout by rolling it, pulling it and doing more with it. Since you need to use it for only eight and a half minutes, it saves a lot of your precious time. Also, it is very reasonably priced, so that’s another benefit you enjoy by opting for it.


What do I get?

You will receive the Shake Weight Duo and Inflatable Knee Pad AND “Flab to Fab” DVD for just $19.95 +$7.95 P&H.Official website


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