Sheet Tamer Review

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What is Sheet Tamer?

Sheet Tamer is a contraption that states to keep your bed sheets tucked into place so that they won’t slip off the mattress no matter how much you toss and turn in bed. The clip-on solution claims to be easy to use and does away with the hassle of tucking and re-tucking in sheets every single day. Sheet Tamer assures that it does not rip or damage your sheets at all and needs no lifting of mattresses.


Sheet Tamer REVIEW

Sheet Tamer is one of a kind product in the As Seen On TV section. We searched for Sheet Tamer reviews but could not find one. The absence of Sheet Tamer review indicates that not many people have received this sheet fastener. This implies that Sheet Tamer is backordered.

We cannot comment on whether Sheet Tamer because we haven’t tried it but we can certainly comment on other aspects of the Sheet Tamer offer. The Sheet Tamer is available at the official website only, this is a red flag for the product in our view – if the product is as good as they claim then why is it not available in Stores and other online retailing stores. Other red flag for the product is – you cannot buy just one Sheet Tamer unit to try it, you have to buy a set of 8 Sheet Tamers for $25 and if you are not happy with the product you still have to pay $15 to ship it back to the manufacturer.

The above facts force us to say that we cannot recommend this product at this price. There are several tried and tested sheet fasteners available at and other retailers – you can try one of those. Usually “As Seen On TV” products do end up in stores and are generally priced half the price of the tv offer. You can try them then.


How does Sheet Tamer work

Keeping your bed sheet tucked in is very easy and effective with Sheet Tamer as its manufacturers proclaim. You just need to pull open the flexible arms of Sheet Tamer and push it against the corners of the sheet to keep them into place. The contraption convinces to have a patent-pending powder-coated wire design that makes it strong and give a very tight grip. Sheet Tamer maintains to have a rubberized finish and soft silicone tips that gently hold on to the sheet corners without slipping.


Chuck the sheet tucking

If you wake up in the night to tuck your bed sheet back into the corners, then you are assured to do away with the problem with an easy and quick solution – Sheet Tamer. The creators of Sheet Tamer guarantee that it will keep your sheets tucked in firmly with its tight grip throughout the night and even do away with the hassle of hoisting the sheet to re-tuck them every morning. Sheet Tamer states that no amount of tossing and turning in the bed will un-tuck your sheets. The contraption proclaims to be very easy to use and just opening its flexible arms and pushing it into the sheet corners will secure them tightly.


Doesn’t rip or damage your sheets

Unlike other solutions to tuck in the sheets, Sheet Tamer promises that you do not have to struggle with difficult straps, pins that can rip your sheets or clips that won’t even hold on the sheet securely. In spite of holding the sheets into place tightly, Sheet Tamer alleges that it does not damage or rip the sheet or mattress. Claiming to have rubberized finish and soft silicone tips, Sheet Tamer gently but firmly grips the sheet so well that even if your kids jump on the bed, the sheets will stay in place. Sheet Tamer asserts that you can install all four corners of the sheet in a few seconds and it is such a simple solution that practically anyone, including kids, can use it without having to lift the heavy mattresses.


Fits all sizes of beds and mattresses

Whether you have fitted or flat sheets, Sheet Tamer convinces to fit them all. It maintains to work on any size of bed – king, queen, twin or kids’ beds and mattresses regardless of their thickness, too. Sheet Tamer assures to work perfectly well with headboard, foot-board or even four poster beds. Sheet Tamer asserts to help you sleep tight throughout the night without the sheets popping and slipping.


What do I get?

You will get two set of 4 Sheet Tamers now for only $10 plus $9.90 P&H.Official website

8 Comments on "Sheet Tamer Review"

  1. This product does not work! Do not waste your money or time

  2. I got “The Sheet Tamer” to stop having to fix our sheets a couple of times a week. I was fixing the Sheet Tamer more than I was fixing the sheets. They are junk and on here I see there is no way of getting my money back! Please listen to all of these complaints and don’t get this item. Now I can’t do anything with them. Total waste of time and money.

  3. This product does not work as advertised. It is a scam as you do not get your money back. I phoned their #877-884-6231 and had a long chat with JAHNICE who finally offered to refund $10.00 within 2 – 5 days and I keep this useless device. IT would have cost $#15.95 to return it. Do not get involved with these people!

    • Almost impossible to use without having to lift the corner of the mattress. Instead, purchase sheets, commonly available, with elastic all around, not just at the 4 corners. Then you won’t need a Tamer.

  4. Your website is a sham, not a single review. All you do is regurgitate what you’ve been told. Do you even know what the word review means?

    Take down you piece of BLEEP site and stop scamming people!

  5. website not available. product not available.

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