Schmoozies Review

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What are Schmoozies?

Schmoozies are flexible, tag able and fashionable indoor dog collars. Schmoozies help in bringing safety, security and style to your pet. With its flexibility the Schmoozies promise pet owners that these collars would never let your dog’s neck or spine come in harm’s way.



How do Schmoozies work?

Schmoozies are light weight and flexible allowing it to protect your pet from any neck or spine injuries. With a large number of accidental injuries resulting in death, caused by traditional collars, Schmoozies allow you to bring safety to your pet. Due to heavy and non flexible traditional collars, doctors usually recommend pet owners to remove the collar when indoors. Removal of collars also means that there is a chance of your pet wandering off into the streets with no collar or which in turn means no name tag on. This effectively means that there is a huge risk of your pet not being returned to you in spite of being found. With over ten million pets being lost every year, Schmoozies add that extra level of security to your beloved pets through the option of it being tagged. With its comfort and flexibility, the Schmoozies now make sure that your pet has a good chance of being returned to you, if ever lost because of its new and improved safety indoor collar.

Apart from it being safe, flexible and tag able, one of the most unique qualities of this collar are the colorful designs available. With four exciting designs which include tan leopard, red bandana, pink leopard and pink paisley, Schmoozies are soon going to be reckoned as a style statement for your pets. Available in sizes ranging from XS to XL. And that’s not all, the Schmoozies come with an in built aroma scent pocket into which you can insert an aroma therapy scent wafer that helps in reducing stress and anxiety of your pets. These aroma therapy scent wafers also help in getting rid of motion sickness of pets. Schmoozies promises all pet owners that it can be a one stop solution to managing your pet troubles without the dangers and the boring designs of your traditional pet collars. Schmoozies has also claimed in its website that they can be used for geriatric pets as well as those with neck and spine problems to ensure that they do not have any heavy weigh resting on their necks. Another unique feature of Schmoozies is that it comes with a two snap design that allows pets to pull out of it in case the collar gets snagged onto something. Sounds like the perfect new collar for your pets? With no reviews yet, Schmoozies may or may not live up to all of its tall claims. Keen on finding out if they do? Go ahead and place an order for a fashionable Schmoozies for your pet. Let’s not forget to write in our reviews to help other potential customers make their choice.


What do I get?

Buy Schmoozies today for $29.95 + $5.95 P&H.Official website

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