Stray Safe Review

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What is Stray Safe

It claims to be a smart device that can be readily attached to a dog or cat’s collar for tracking them whenever they leave a user-defined safe zone. It uses GPS to track the location of the pet so that it displays real-time location on a smart phone via the app or their website.


Track pets easily

Stray Safe states to be designed for pet owners for tracking their pets when they stray away from home. At this point of time there are no Stray Safe reviews by users which validate its claim. Stray Safe promises to be a very handy and lightweight device that can be readily attached to a pet’s collar but its functionality is still of question since there are no Stray Safe reviews available. This device can be tracked using a Stray Safe app or their website. Can Stray Safe really help tracking lost pets so easily? Send us your Stray Safe reviews.


Keeps pet within safe zone

Stray Safe promises to be very helpful when it comes to keeping pets safe from getting lost or running away. Currently there are no Stray Safe reviews available that will back its promise. Stray Safe declares to be easy to use and once the device is attached to the collar it can start tracking the location. In fact, Stray Safe guarantees its functionality with its Safe Zone feature. As per this feature one can define an area that can be deemed safe for pets to roam around. Once the pet is out from this area Stray Safe will activate a signal on the Stray Safe app to notify the owners. This claim of Stray Safe sounds too far-fetched and can only be proved once Stray Safe is reviewed. Stray Safe convinces to be unique because it uses GPS tracking which will pinpoint the location of pets as precisely as possible. Is Stray Safe really useful and works as it promises? Stray Safe reviews will expose the truth. Stray Safe claims to come with an extra mode called Chase Mode which will track the location every minute while literally chasing them. This mode does sound fanciful; Stray Safe reviews will reveal the facts soon.

Salient features

Stray Safe emphasizes to be the best tracking device because of its vivid features, which, of course, aren’t reviewed yet. Stray Safe guarantees to be helpful at tracking the pets via any device or computer thathasaccess to the internet. Also there is an LED light of high-intensity that can be turned on remotely to track pets in the dark and illuminate their path while taking them for a walk at nighttime. Such feature can be really helpful but we shall need to wait for Stray Safe reviews to analyze its claim. Stray Safe also proclaims to come with a History Tracker that provides location history from one week to see if the pet is driven consistently to a particular location. Such claims by Stray Safe can be only substantiated once users review it.


What do I get?

You will receive 1 Stray Safe Unit, USB Lead,110 / 240 Volt Mains Plug, 2 Collar Sleeves, Quick Start Guide for only $99 + $7.99 S&H.Official website

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