Seren Toaster REVIEW

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About Seren Toaster

Seren Toaster is a Side Loading Toaster that perfectly toasts your breads without burning. Seren Toaster is a must have in every kitchen. Regular toasters are top loading but the Seren Toaster features a wide side loading toaster rack that allows you to toast all types of breads of all shapes or sizes.



Seren Toaster Reviews

Marc Ellis claims in his Seren Toaster review that the concept of this toaster is great but its performance leaves much to be desired. He says that Seren Toaster can’t toast even one slice fully. It can toast only half of both the slices even on maximum setting. He calls Seren Toaster a ‘half-baked’ toaster and not worth buying.

Lyle Wheeler has said in his Seren Toaster review that though it toasts bread slices evenly, it couldn’t make toasted cheese sandwich. The ingredients he filled inside the slices fell out and the cheese didn’t melt. The outside surface of the slices was also not toasted uniformly even after 10 minutes.

He tried using Seren Toaster in different ways and with different heat settings, but nothing helped. Worse, it toasts bread slices only in the middle, and is too small to accommodate British bread. He says Seren Toaster keeps beeping annoyingly and takes longer to toast than his previous toaster did. He thinks Seren Toaster isn’t worth what you have to shell out for it either.


Seren Toaster Questions & Answers

Q. Does Seren Toaster meet safety standards and fulfil applicable requirements? Does it have a relevant and professionally acceptable design?
A. No idea about the Safety Standard but the design looks normal.

Q. Can Seren Toaster toast a full size slice/ 800gm loaf? What are its overall dimensions?
A. Yes, it can toast full size bread slices. It is 16″ long (15″ without tray), is 8″ in height and 6″ wide.

Q. Is Seren Toaster white in color?
A. Yes, and it is also available with different coloured fronts that can be used as its tray.


Seren Toaster CLAIMS

Perfect for all types of bread – You can use the Seren Toaster for Baguettes, Ciabatta, Paninis, for warming croissants and pastries, toasting sandwiches, and for savoury pastry snacks and sweet patties too. Featuring a Defrost and Cook Mode and a Reheat function, the Seren Toaster is perfect for leftover Pizza too!

Consistent toasting – Toasting in a regular taster makes the toast darker on consecutive toasting and eventually burns the toast because of the set timer but the Seren Toaster’s side loading toaster uses smart technology to ensure your breads are toasted evenly each and every time. Seren Toaster takes less time to cook each round – saving time and energy. When your food is ready, the Seren Toaster will let out 10 short bleeps. It also automatically shuts off after the first bleep or when you remove the tray so there is no “over toasting”.

Dimensions and Power – The dimensions of the Seren Toaster are 36.2 (l) x 20.8 (h) x 15.5 (d) cm and power: 220-240V, 50Hz, 850W.


The cost of Seren Toaster is $59.90 | Official Website: Buy your Seren Toaster today!

1 Comment on "Seren Toaster REVIEW"

  1. DENA HARRISON | October 6, 2018 at 4:47 pm | Reply

    The Seren toaster is USELESS you cannot use normal sliced bread, it only toasts 1 slice evenly and even that has a big line across the middle that is not toasted, it does not take 2 slices of bread as it does not toast the ends of the slices. Dont try a cheese toasty as the cheese does not melt. To toast crumpets I put temperature on the highest setting and it did not toast them I toasted them for a second time and they still were not cooked properly. What a waste of money!

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