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About EpiCeram-L

EpiCeram-L Lip Care claims to be a chapstick that’s real medicine for chapped and dry lips. It maintains to be ideal for sensitive lips.

How does it work

Convincing to contain three important lipids – ceramides, free fatty acids, and cholesterol – EpiCeram-L Lip Care penetrates the skin. Its Intelli-Target Technology alleges to be a unique delivery system that provides controlled release of the formulation.

Relief from chapped and dry lips
Winter chills bring dry and chapped lips that cause discomfort and look unsightly. EpiCeram-L Lip Care chapstick promises that you do not have to deal with this discomfort or keep licking your lips that can worsen the condition of the lips. Assuring to be made of natural lip focused formulation, EpiCeram-L Lip Care soothes lips on contact. There are no user reviews to ascertain if this is true.

Ideal for sensitive lips
EpiCeram-L Lip Care convinces to be made from natural lipids and is free of steroids, paraben, gluten, petrolatum, color, and fragrance. EpiCeram-L Lip Care proclaims to be rich in aloe making it soothing for lips. Let’s analyze user reviews before believing EpiCeram-L Lip Care claims. EpiCeram-L Lip Care declares to be ideal for the most sensitive lips. Send us your EpiCeram-L Lip Care reviews.

What do I get?
Get(3 pack) of EpiCeram-L at $39.95.
Official Website:epiceram-us.com

1 Comment on "EpiCeram-L"

  1. Rhonda Eggimann | November 14, 2017 at 6:39 am | Reply

    Using a sample of Epiceram L from my dermatologist. I love how smooth it glides on and totally shocked at how long it lasts. I live in Las Vegas, an extremely dry climate. I used to apply lip balm at least 10 times a day. Now, only four. There is absolutely no smell or taste and that is a plus as well. I can’t wait to buy the full size tubes for me and everyone I care about.

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