ScrubTastic by Clorox REVIEW

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What is ScrubTastic?

Do you find cleaning your bath tub a big chore? We all love to take a bath but the unsightly ring around the tub can be an unpleasant sight. Now there is an answer to your woes. Here’s introducing the Clorox ScrubTastic, a cordless and rechargeable spinning sensation that cleans your bath tub leaving it sparkling and spotless clean.



How does ScrubTastic work?

ScrubTastic rotates over 300X a minute to create a whirlwind of scrubbing power. With Clorox ScrubTastic you get the power to clean in the palm of your hands. Scrubbing your bath tub can take hours of your precious time but with Scrub Tastic cleaning your bathroom takes just minutes.

Extendable handle to easy reach – ScrubTastic features an extension handle so you can reach up high and low, making cleaning a breeze. ScrubTastic does the cleaning for you so you don’t have to.

Clorox ScrubTastic Uses – You can use ScrubTastic for soap scum on shower glass, to clean hard water and lime in sinks, clean toilets with ease, and clean grout and tile. With ScrubTastic there will be no more intense scrubbing and no more bending or kneeling. Angle head for sliding doors, car wheels and more

Simply add the angle head to get into sliding door tracks or use it to clean dirty toilets inside, to clean car wheels and windows. It is perfect for boats too.


Clorox ScrubTastic review

Jenna Snow mentions in her review“Clorox ScrubTastic is okay for cleaning glazed tile walls and floors but it lacks the power for cleaning any type of porous tile and grout. Using the wire wheel scrubber on the tile did not give great results. Purchasing the ScrubTastic to reduce the cleaning time is no good because doing it the old fashioned way is more thorough and faster.”

Alexa Howard mentions in her review”ScrubTastic does not clean efficiently. Using ScrubTastic to wash down the pontoon boat to get the dirt off of it and make it shiny again was no good because with each use the power scrubber would just stall with a little bit of applied pressure. Using the Clorox ScrubTastic the way in which it was intended, and by the directions, it just did not perform the way it should.”

Tara Wells reveals in her review“ScrubTastic came in which it was stated and the attachments were great.”

Joanna FERNANDEZ shares her experience – “ScrubTastic has one speed – super slow. You can scrub faster by hand. The batteries of ScrubTastic do not last long at all. Clorox ScrubTastic is not useful for a big project – cleaning 15 door pulls. On the second use, the bristles started falling out.”

Tori Dunn states in her review“ScrubTastic has very low power. The battery life is average.”

Lindsay Banks mentions in her review“The rotational speed of Clorox ScrubTastic is too slow but even for a device that is meant to be used for scrubbing doesn’t seem like it has the speed or power for it.”

Sandy BOWEN complains – “ScrubTastic does not have enough power. Also, ScrubTastic has a problem with the battery and the duration of working is really short. You have to make sure that Clorox ScrubTastic’s battery is fully charged.”

Donna Brown mentions in her review“Clorox ScrubTastic is slow going but somewhat useful. It’s nice to have an assortment of attachments.”

Simon Hale claims in her review“The scrubbing engine works very well, but the brushes are rounded in such a way that they have little surface-area contact with the tub. So it takes an unnecessarily long time to use the device, even though the device does work well, and eventually, the tub does get clean. Flatter brushes would be a big plus.”

Nadia DELGADO reveals in her review“Clorox ScrubTastic is not your industrial power scrubber. ScrubTastic will do for light, weekly cleanings, but it definitely falls short of heavy soap scum. Once you push down to hard, the scrubber stops. Also, the bristles of the attachments are not firm enough. Using a little elbow grease and a scouring pad to clean your shower stall is a better option.”

Kristine Beck complains in her review“ScrubTastic does not have enough power for your needs. It also couldn’t clean into the corners. So, if you’re diligent about keeping your “Tub N’ Tile” reasonably clean then it’s not for you, this may work for those light, weekly cleanings.”

Devon WEBER says in her review“ScrubTastic is extremely disappointing. ScrubTastic does not make cleaning the bathroom easy. The extension is not stable enough to really put a little pressure down to clean soap scum off, etc. It only fastens in on one side of the shaft and feels as though it will fall apart any second when trying to hold the brush to the tub to scrub. ScrubTastic is absolutely not recommended.”

Helen May comments in her review“The brush heads of Clorox ScrubTastic are angled and they do not cover a flat surface. It doesn’t have enough scrubbing power for dirty jobs either. You will be back to doing it the old fashion way. Elbow grease, a brush and resolve carpet cleaner (best tile cleaner ever). Save your money!”

Hanna Richards says in her review“ScrubTastic just doesn’t clean much, manual cleaning is better. Clorox ScrubTastic is mainly good for light touch up duty but for anything caked up/soiled it is best to use your hands with a scrubber. It probably would be best for those who cannot apply pressure and reach areas and just get a mild cleaning.”


ScrubTastic Questions and Answers

Q. Does ScrubTastic oscillate or just rotate?
A. ScrubTastic just rotates and not too fast.

Q. How does ScrubTastic work on grease?
A. It depends on the cleaning agent you use. The unit works just okay on everything.

Q. Is ScrubTastic submersible?
A. No

Q. How long do you charge the batteries of Clorox ScrubTastic prior to first use?
A. You need to charge it for 24 hours.

Q. Is there only one speed?
A. Yes, there is only one speed

Q. Would this work on small puppy carpet stains, instead of getting out the big carpet cleaner?
A. It may not. It is just okay for “light” cleaning.

Q. Is Clorox ScrubTastic good at cleaning?
A. When you put Clorox ScrubTastic on the address to be cleaned, it slows down when you apply any pressure. It is not very strong. It is good for very light cleaning.

Q. Where can I buy the replacement brushes?
A. If you Google the product you should see something about refills.

Q. How long does a charged battery last before it goes dead?
A. It lasts about a dozen times before the battery starts getting weaker. It’s not a fast rotating brush but it does do a nice clean job.

Q. Does Clorox ScrubTastic clean well in corners, like shower door corners?
A. The brush works best if you don’t try to apply a lot of pressure. Simply relax, control the handle and let the brush itself do the work and it does the job nicely.

Q. How long does Clorox ScrubTastic take to charge again?
A. ScrubTastic holds a charge for about 3 to 4 uses.

Q. How long will it hold a charge between uses?
A. More than 20 hours.

Q. Could you use ScrubTastic to clean very old hardwood floors?
A. It is better not to use this to clean hardwood floors because it may leave scratches. The bristles are a little hard.

Q. Can you use ScrubTastic to clean walls?
A. The brush’s base is not designed for a flat surface, so therefore even its utility on a tub bottom is limited.

Q. How do you remove the brush head?
A. Removal of the brush requires a lot of strength.

Q. Do you have to manually hold down a button to make the unit run?
A. It stays on after you push the button.

Q. How do you know if it’s fully charged?
A. There is no way to tell exactly when it’s fully charged.

Q. What is the battery exactly?
A. Not mentioned but seems to be a rechargeable 3.6-volt battery.

Q. Do you have to apply your cleaner and water to the tub/walls before using the scrubber or does the water come through the scrubber?
A. It does not come through the scrubber.

Q. What is the material of ScrubTastic – metal or plastic?
A. Clorox ScrubTastic is all plastic.

Q. Can Clorox ScrubTastic be used on fiberglass tubs?
A. Yes, most likely.

Q. Can ScrubTastic be used on a new Kohler acrylic bathtub?
A. The bristles are stiff and might scratch an acrylic surface.

Q. Is ScrubTastic safe to use on fiberglass showers?
A. Yes, it is not powerful enough to damage anything.

Q. Is the ScrubTastic very noisy?
A. ScrubTastic is about as loud as a hairdryer.

Q. What is the warranty on the Clorox ScrubTastic?
A. There is no warranty.


What do I get?

  • 2 Clorox ScrubTastic Cleaners
  • 2 Round Heads
  • 2 Flat Heads
  • 2 Angled Heads
  • 2 Powered Extension Wands

Price: $49.95 + Free S/h | Official website: | Order the ScrubTastic today and enjoy the power of cleaning in your hand!

9 Comments on "ScrubTastic by Clorox REVIEW"

  1. i have arthritis in my hands, knees, and feet. This sucks. I had to keep pushing it to get her to keep it running. I got one for me and my daughter and told her not to use hers. I will tale it back. What a waste of money . so much for thinking it would work.

  2. I am having trouble removing the brush from the charging unit. the black attachment is now stuck on the brush. should I order a replacement.

  3. I have trouble removing the brush from the charging unity, Now the part of the charging unit is stuck on my brush and will not come off. Do I order a replacement?

  4. I got it for a birthday present. I couldn’t wait to try it was I disappointed. I tried it on my bathroom sink, tub and tiles. It didn’t do a thing. I will stick to my magic eraser it works wonders. So I did figure out what to do with it. I use it for a brush for cellulite I will let you know how that works But I was very disappointed because I have a cleaning business.

  5. I have had my ‘scrubtastic’ for just 3 months and now when I charge, the light goes green, but when unplugged there is no power. Anyone else have this issue?—and if so how did you resolve? I’m wondering if the rechargeable battery needs replacing but I’m not seeing how to access it.

    • WILLIAM A WENRICH | August 30, 2018 at 9:06 pm | Reply

      I have exactly the same problem, after 3 months it will not charge even though the light turns green. I can access the battery (you need to remove two screws on either side of the unit) but I can’t find anyone who will sell me one.

  6. Donna Suthard | June 16, 2017 at 1:58 am | Reply

    Called Clorox Company because the Scrubtastic I received does not work. Will not charge She told me the person (my daughter) “for security reasons.” must call (SHE WILL not call). They w/ not take my work for IT DOES NOT WORK
    Called Emson, Hebron, NY (sells TV products). They told me I have to return it – at my own expense.
    That is 30 or $40 wasted (whatever it cost).

  7. How do you clean the brushes when your cleaning job is done. Can you throw them in the washing machine??

  8. How dirty is your freaking bathtub? This thing works fine as long as you’re not a filthy pig who waits 6 months to clean your tub. Don’t press hard, use a good cleaner and it will work fine. I clean my tub once a week and have not had any problems.

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