Play Face Pals

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What is Play Face Pals? – They are a collection of versatile, cuddly soft toys with bendable mouths and brows. You can make faces of Play Face Pals imitate several human expressions by bending, twisting or scrunching their facial parts. Play Face Pals are a team of unique and adorable soft toys that keep anyone in splits and entertained as they have bendable mouths and brows so you can keep changing their facial expressions.

Play Face Pals CLAIMS

Loads of Fun for People of all Ages – Play Face Pals can be made to wear virtually all sorts of expressions on their faces simply by changing their expressions that stay intact for long. You can make the Play Face Pals look happy, sad, mischievous, scowling, playful, winky or anything that strikes your mind.

Wide Array of Top Quality Characters – Made from top quality hush, Play Face Pals are cuddly and safe for kids too, who’ll especially love the variety of mood they will reflect just like humans. Play face Pals are available as a range of adorable characters you can choose from.

Participate in the Exciting Play Face Challenge – You can plan a thrilling play face challenge by getting everyone make their Play Face Pals wear the most hilarious and different expressions.

What do I get?
Get One Play Face Pal of your choice for $19.99 + $8.99 S/h. Official website:

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