Lightning Slicer REVIEW

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What is Lightning Slicer?

The incredible Lightning Slicer is a slicer designed to let you slice, chop, & julienne any vegetable fast and easy, and at lightning speed. With Lightning Slicer you can slice, seal and store vegetables or fruits for use later.



Lightning Slicer CLAIMS

Perfect slices every time – With the Lightning Slicer in your kitchen you get perfect uniform pieces every time. You can slice any vegetable to the thickness you desire. Slice it thick or thin or even chop it. You can also julienne any vegetable to picture perfect. It is also great to slice a soft ripe tomato perfectly.

Safe on fingers – Lightning Slicer features a handy grip to keep your fingers safe. The sharp V-blades slices on both sides in one go.

Thick, think or medium slices – The best part about the Lightning Slicer is you get to select the slice you want. Dial thick, think or medium as you desire. Dial in thin for slicing eggplant, thick for fresh orange slices, or medium for bundle of slaw in seconds.

Handy Hopper – The Handy Hopper makes chopping small foods a breeze. Simply slide it down the speed track, fill it with the food that you want to chop and slide it and slice it. Lightning Slicer is an 18 blade Julienne slicer too. Use it to slice soft grapes by the dozen, chop garlic without the odor or mess and paper thin, great for radishes for salads and also perfect for strawberries.

Easy to clean and store – When it’s time to clean and store, the blades go down and the flat surface comes up making it easy to store, safely. Simply rinse it under your tap or put it in your dishwasher.


Lightning Slicer REVIEW

Savannah Jones says in her review“The Lightning Slicer is difficult to assemble. It does not slice thin enough.”

Naomi Hernandez states in her review“Lightning Slicer is not recommended. The way it is designed you can slice of your skin in no time. It is unsafe to use and you could get your fingers sliced. Using the Lightning Slicer for potato that was almost only a quarter way done still gets your fingers cut. The safety device provided does not give you a good grip.”

Brianna Long mentions in her review“Using the Lightning Slicer to slice tomatoes only makes it a big mess.”

Alice Wells states in her review“Lightning Slicer is too bulky. There are too many added parts, and it is dangerous. There are much better alternatives to the Lightning Slicer and for better prices.”

Lauren Stone reveals in her review“Whatever you do, do not buy this product. Putting the Lightning Slicer together is an act in futility. Once you get it together it can work but has way too many parts.”

Julia Carr claims in her review“After a few months of use it seemed far more trouble than it was worth, and wasted and mangled a lot of veggies. And it isn’t heavy duty enough for meat. The slicing surface may also not lay flat making it pretty much worthless. It is better to spend the money and buy a good quality stainless steel slicer.”

Ashley Ray mentions in her review“Lightning Slicer is an average slicer. There is nothing special about it. Trying to take it apart to clean it or change the blades requires a very skilled mechanic.”

Eva Reid shares her experience – “Lightning Slicer is also dangerous. The hand guard is not user friendly.”

Faith Benson shares her Lightning Slicer experience – “Cleaning is awkward and difficult with lots of nooks and crannies. Changing the arrow shaped blades is very dangerous. They have to fit tight enough to be useful and take excessive force to remove.”

Ariana Sutton claims in her review“Lightning Slicer is difficult to use unless you are cutting something soft.”

Sarah Hale complains“Lightning Slicer doesn’t cut thin enough. It doesn’t have a notch to hold it over a bowl or pot and slice directly into that container. Lightning Slicer is a use and throw unit, it is impossible to change the blades.”

Leah Stevenson states in her review“Lightning Slicer does a wonderful job of slicing, but all the blades and platforms store inside the slicer so every time you use it, you have to take every piece off and clean the items individually.”

London Blake reveals in her review“Lightning Slicer is lightweight, very sharp, and does the job. It should have had some thicker settings. For French fries, the thickest cut you can get is still thinner than fast food fries.”

Eva Tyler comments“Lightning Slicer is good and gets the job done but there’s way too much plastic for parts to be mating well so there is quite a bit of adjusting! If you are at all clumsy, then the Lightning Slicer is not for you.”

Riley Simmons mentions in her review“Lightning Slicer is functional, but not very durable. It flexes a bit too much. It is not wide enough for French fries.”

Grace Carson complains“Lightning Slicer has a nearly all plastic construction, so it doesn’t feel very robust. Product pictures of vegetables versus product description are deceptive.”


You get 2 Lightning Slicers for $19.95 plus $15.90 processing and handling at the official website: | Order the Lightning Slicer today!

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