Rejoice Bible Journaling Kit

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What is Rejoice?

It is a Bible journaling kit that highlights your most cherished Bible verses artistically with idea prompts, watercolors, pencils, gel pencils and more.



Elevate your experience with the Bible – Rejoice is a bountiful set of stationery that includes an array of colouring implements, ribbons, gems and more to highlight your favourite verses in the Bible. It could be the best way ever to add colourful notes, reflections and more to your Bible and also create beautiful pages in it. The idea prompts of rejoice act as godly signposts for you to attain spiritual learnings.

Make reading the Bible divine and memorable – Rejoice could be the perfect way to attain divinity as there will be no more struggling with reading the Bible, a fact which more than a thousand people vouch for. Rejoice promises to make making your life more meaningful and going back to the Bible verses that move you easy, beautiful and evocative.


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