Candle Scentstation

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What is Candle Scentstation?

It is a new LED-lit candle holder that comes with a fan to dispense mesmerizing scent molecules from candle to make your entire home smell wonderful.


Candle Scentstation Claims

Make the ambience smell marvelous – Candle Scentstation is what you need if you have a penchant for aromas and a fragrant ambience. Introduced as a smart and sophisticated candle holder, Candle Scentstation has a fan that suffuses your home with the loveliest scents instantly. All you have to do is put any size candle in it, light it as you would a normal candle and flip its switch to feel the difference.

Hi-tech, versatile and truly unmatched – Candle Scentstation is basically an LED-lit candle holder that is cordless and charged by USB. It has a fan that, as per claims, infuses the entire floor with any scent that conceals foul odors that could be emanating around. Since Candle Scentstation is portable, it can even be taken outside if needed.


What do I get?
Get 2 Candle Scentstation units for $29.95 + $13.90 S&H at

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