Cool Cup

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What is Cool Cup?
It is a set of two cups made with chilling chamber technology that prevents watering down of beverages and also keeps them cool all day.



Cool Cup Claims

Your fav beverage fresh and cool, always!
Cool Cup claims you’ll chill out like never before if you own it as it can keep your favourite drinks cool all day and also prevent watering down of beverages. According to the promoters of Cool Cup, you can carry your favourite beverages in it anywhere and still be sure they’ll stay cool and fresh always.

Convenient, sturdy and dishwasher safe
It’s made from top grade material and features unmatched chilling chamber technology. Once you pour a chilled beverage in the Cool Cup and put some ice in its chamber and cover it, the cooling chamber will keep your drink cool and simultaneously ensure that the ice doesn’t melt nor enter the drink. Also, Cool Cup apparently is exceptionally durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


What do I get?
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