Power Knees Review

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About Power Knees

Power Knees is a knee sleeve that convinces to provide maximum support and lift to the knee and increase mobility to put the bounce back in your step. Power Knees assures to deal with immobility whether caused by an old injury, muscle weakness, joint pain, or just regular wear and tear caused by old age. Power Knees assures to let you do all the chores like gardening, lifting objects, or playing with kids without the discomfort or pain. Power Knees asserts that it can be worn over your clothing and even under it and even provide support to the knees thereby decreasing instability and preventing falls and mishaps.



How does it work

The patented power lift technology of Power Knees proclaims to build and store the energy in the Power Suspension Rods as you bend and when you start to stand upright again the stored energy begins to release. With this action, Power Knees asserts to boost you movement up and give the lift so that you can do all your chores without the weakness or pain. Power Knees states that you just need to slide it on your knees and adjust the straps and it will provide maximum support and lift to deal with immobility caused by an injury, muscle weakness or joint pain.


Say goodbye to immobility

With age, injury, or just general wear and tear the mobility of our joints decreases and it gets more and more difficult to do the simplest things like taking the stairs, getting out of the car, kneeling down, or even just walking. Even though there are knee compressions and sleeves available, they are not as effective and further decrease the mobility because they are tight and bulky. But now Power Knees claims to be a mobility assistant that can get you going full steam all over again. Power Knees is a knee sleeve that maintains to store and build energy in its Power Suspension Rod as you bend and release this energy when you start straightening up so that you get the spring in your step back. Decreased mobility is usually caused by muscle weakness, joints pain, or even injuries suffered in the past. But Power Knees emphasizes to provide maximum support and extra lift so that your mobility will be increased instantly.

For over and under clothing

Power Knees guarantees that it can be worn over your clothing or even under it so that it will be invisible to others. Power Knees promises to bring relief from knee ache so that you can enjoy your life again. Power Knees alleges to let you do all the chores such as kneeling down and gardening, picking up things, lifting stuff, and even playing with your grandkids even if it means sitting on the floor and doing whatever they are doing without the pain or discomfort. Power Knees declares to be especially beneficial for professionals like plumbers, carpenters and construction workers who need to kneel down or squat and sit again and again.


What do I get?

You’ll receive Power Knees for just $29.99 plus FREE SHIPPING.Official website getpowerknees.com

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