Hoodeez Review

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About Hoodeez

Hoodeez claims to be a fun Hoodie for kids that magically transforms into a pillow and can also be tossed around and played with. Hoodeez proclaims to come in fun designs – Panda, Kitten, Dinosaur, Monster, Puppy, and Penguin to provide endless fun to kids. Hoodeez states to be made with super soft, easy to maintain and machine washable fabric, which makes it a delight to wear and breeze to clean. It convinces to be great for long drives when kids get bored and can also nap in the car and also make for great gifts for kids and grandkids.

How does it work

Hoodies are meant to keep your kids warm but now Hoodeez maintains that other than keeping them snug it will also keep them entertained and give them a friend to hug to bed at night. Hoodeez alleges that you just need to lift the flap and pull the hoodie out to be worn. When you are done, Hoodeez assures that you can roll it up and tuck it into the pocket and it will turn into a pillow all over again. With different designs Hoodeez asserts that every hoodie will have its own personality and can be played with as a different toy.

Hoodie that turns into a pillow and toy

Kids always want something cool and attractive; even if it means the clothes they wear and the toys they play. Now instead of giving them plain and boring hoodies, Hoodeez is a three-in-one item that will delight your kids and keep them happy. Hoodeez declares to be a pillow with different animal designs such as Dinosaur, Penguin, Puppy, Monster, Kitten, and Panda that your kids would love to snuggle up with at night but it also magically turns into a hoodie and a toy. Hoodeez emphasizes that you need to lift the flap, pull the hoodie out and it will be ready to wear and then it can be rolled right back into the pocket to turn into a pillow or kids can also toss them around and play for as long as they want.

Great for gifts and pajama parties

Hoodeez maintains that each hoodie has its own personality and kids can choose what they want to be. Hoodeez promises to be great for travelling and kids can hug it and sleep in the car, play with it to beat boredom on a long drive and wear it when it gets chilly. Hoodeez convinces to be made of soft, durable, and easy to care fabric so kids would have a soft huggable friend at night. It claims to be machine washable so caring for it is easy and kids will have it fresh and clean to wear every time. Hoodeez guarantees to make for great gifts to kids or grandkids whether it’s their birthday, holidays, or any other special occasion. Hoodeez also maintain to be great for pajama parties and sleepovers where kids can get their imagination going and indulge in role play with the different animal designs.

What do I get?

Please see official website hoodeez.com

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