Simple Step Ladder Review

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What is Simple Step Ladder?

As demonstrated in the infomercial, Simple Step Ladder is a 4 step ladder that claims to combine the sturdiness of a step stool with the height of a ladder. It has been specifically designed to keep all your essentials within reach. Designed with height and safety in mind, it has paddled hand rails that provide a sure and stable grip. The compact and lightweight design folds easily for storage and also helps maneuver into tight places. The extra wide steps supports up to 225 lbs and makes climbing it as easy as walking up and down the stairs.

One can use the Simple Step Ladder for many tasks, such as changing a light-bulb, hanging decorations, painting walls or ceilings, dusting the ceiling fan, trimming hedges, cleaning windows, reaching into high cabinets or for that matter cleaning on top of the refrigerator. The makers assert that there is no use of putting yourself at risk when Simple Step Ladder assures safety and offers functionality of a traditional ladder. Now that’s a fairly tall claim which we are not thoroughly convinced, at least not till we see results from the Simple Step Ladder reviews.


How does Simple Step Ladder CLAIM to work?

It is an innovative four-step ladder with extra wide rungs for sturdiness. It stays steady and ensures there’s no risk of falling or losing balance. Often when we are doing chores around the house or for that matter in our backyard, we feel helpless when we have to reach higher places. For instance, every now and then when we have to dust the ceiling fans or clean the top of the refrigerator. The step stool seems rather bulky and chances are it just won’t reach high enough. Then there’s also the risk of falling from the stool if it wobbles and is not stable enough. Same thing goes when we are planning to do a home makeover like hanging decorations or painting walls and ceilings. A ladder on the other hand will need supervision hence require more than one manpower.

The Simple Step Ladder proclaims to be the perfect solution at such times. It is a combination of the sturdiness of a step stool and the height of a ladder. It promises to put you within reach safely and easily in an instant. Before you jump into any conclusions, let us remind you that we have not received any Simple Step Ladder reviews to authenticate its effectiveness.

The Simple Step Ladder seems as easy as walking up and down the stairs. In common scenario, the ladder can be wobbly, hard to maneuver and quite bulky to handle regular household chores. The Simple Step Ladder on the other hand declares to be safe, secure, lightweight and portable. Each of the four extra wide steps measuring 10.25”x 15” x 1.125” have a non-slip grip to keep you from slipping. The minimum height from the bottom step is 9” and the maximum height of the top step is 38”. Moreover the wide sturdy base can handle a maximum weight capacity of up to 225 lbs and the padded hand rails make climbing an easy cakewalk. Frankly speaking, at this point there are no reviews by users who have used the Simple Step Ladder to verify whether these claims are indeed true.

Another notable aspect of the Simple Step Ladder is that it folds up flat to easily maneuver in tight spaces. The rubber feet prevents slipping and provides stability on a variety of surfaces. No wonder the makers emphasize on ditching your regular ladder and opt for the Simple Step Ladder. It does not take up too much of storage space as it needs only an area as little as 18″ x 9.5″ x 66.25″. What’s more, tipping the weighing scale at just 23.6 lbs, the Simple Step Ladder is easily portable wherever needed. Apparently dusting and cleaning hard to reach places or trimming hedges and yard work will now be relatively easy with the help of Simple Step Ladder. The ladder also comes with a ladder caddy that has been specifically designed for the Simple Step Ladder to keep all your essentials right within reach. It will store your cleaning supplies, tools while making household repairs or the hedge trimmers during yard work. All said and done, Simple Step Ladder reviews can tell us more about the benefits of the ladder.


No wobbling and no mishaps – Climbing a regular ladder, step stool or even a chair for cleaning chores or pulling out something from top shelves may not be so tough if you have the Simple Step Ladder. Simple Step Ladder guarantees the support and stability that traditional ladders and other alternatives don’t as it has exceptionally broad rungs, rubber feet and design that possibly makes climbing as easy as taking stairs.

A host of pluses – A range of features have been incorporated into the design of Simple Step Ladder with an aim to maximize convenience for you. It has padded handrails for a comfortable grip and lightweight construction to ensure it can be carried around easily. It doesn’t shake no matter what and allows you to climb smoothly opening your cabinets set up high, clean ceiling fans, hanging decorative items, paint walls and do just about everything at elevated heights.

Easy to use and store – Simple Step Ladder is not just tough but also lightweight and manageable. It can collapse very easily after use carrying it in different rooms is not a burden. It is also easy to maneuver it in tightly cl,os places and can support 225 lbs easily. It has been provided with rubber feet, which guards the floor from developing scratches.


Simple Step Ladder Specs

  • Max height (top step): 38”.
  • Min Height (bottom step): 9”
  • Steps Dimensions: 10.25” x 15″ x 1.125″.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 225lbs
  • The ladder is 18″ x 9.5″ x 66.25″
  • The Simple Step Ladder weighs 23.6lbs.


What do I get?

  • 1 SIMPLE STEP LADDER – Standard
  • 1 Ladder Caddy

Price: $99.98 + $19.99 S/h | Official website:


Simple Step Ladder is an innovatively constructed four-step ladder with extra wide rungs for sturdiness. Simple Step Ladder stays steady and ensures there’s no risk of falling or losing balance.

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  1. Expect to wait two extra days for delivery since they give you a delivery date but ship the ladder to your Post Office where it sits another day or two. They do not tell you than until it is not delivered on the day promised.

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