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About Nomiku

Nomiku proclaims to be the world’s first WiFi enabled sous vide clip-on appliance that helps you cook food at the perfect temperature every time. Nomiku convinces to cook any food from steak, veggies to even chilling drinks.

How does Nomiku work?

Nomiku guarantees to be extremely easy to use. All you need to do is insert the ingredients you want to cook in a Ziploc bag, keep it in a container with water, clip Nomiku on, which will heat the water to the optimal temperature and automatically cook food to perfection.

Cook food at perfect temperatures
Any pot can turn into a temperature-controlled water bath by clipping on the world’s smallest sous vide device, Nomiku, as its creators allege. Using WiFi connection, Nomiku heats the water to the perfect temperature needed for a dish for great results each time. Nomiku asserts that you can leave the bag of ingredients in the water when you go to work, use the app on your smartphone to switch it on remotely to, and start the cooking process. When you get home, just pressing one button on Nomiku will get the food ready for you. This assures to be a blessing for professionals who work late or are stuck with urgent work unanticipated. Does Nomiku really have these great features? User reviews will reveal soon.

For steak, veggies, and drinks
Nomiku convinces to help you cook party-favorite foods without having to be stuck in the kitchen so that you can entertain guests and enjoy the party yourself. Nomiku proclaims to be as helpful to a home cook as it is to a chef for perfect recipes without any guesswork on setting the temperature. These claims sound too good to be true and will be verified by Nomiku user reviews. Nomiku emphasizes that you will never overcook meat, have chewy veggies, or have warm cocktails as it can also chill drinks. Nomiku maintains to work on any pot that’s at least four inches in height and circulate up to 10 gallons of water. Send us your Nomiku reviews if it’s as great as it sounds.

What do I get?
Buy Nomiku just for $249.99
Official Website:Nomiku

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