Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

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Compare What is it? Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

Core de Force
It is a 30-day workout program founded on the stimulating principle of Mixed Martial Arts, celebrated for its power-packed intensity the world over. Core de Force requires no exercise equipment; it is projected as a set of core-defining workout that gives guaranteed results in 30 days.

Body Combat
It is a dynamic fitness class level exercise regimen which is a mix of athletic movements and strength exercises. Body Combat gets you to run, lunge and jump and also perform push-ups and squats simultaneously. An instructor from the renowned house of A LES MILLS™ features in this workout program who guides you all through and keeps challenging your limits suitably. This workout aims to help you burn up to 730 calories.

Insanity Max 30
Created by fitness expert Shaun T, Insanity Max 30 is a 60-day fitness program that is divided into two months of different sets of workouts. Each workout is of 30 minutes duration that could well be the most stimulating part of your day.


Compare how does it work? Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

Core de Force
It is different from mixed martial arts workouts from the Beachbody catalogue. Dynamic exercises like boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai coupled with cardio exercises and bodyweight moves (presented by Joel and Jericho) help in reducing weight, shape up and burn stubborn fat around the belly.

Body Combat
The Body Combat workout program will get you to burn up to 740 calories. This martial arts-inspired workout has no complex exercises and yet works. A LES MILLS instructor will motivate you to release your stress till the end of the workout. This 30 minute Body Combat workout is designed to make you feel rejuvenated and active.
(You can choose from its 55, 45 or 30-minute workout programs)

Insanity Max 30
Insanity Max 30 requires no equipment to perform workouts. This program has been designed to stimulate you to the core with top-level extremities in exercising so you achieve the desired results by working out for 30 minutes a day.

Initially, the workouts may seem too exhausting within three minutes, but you need to keep going and perform 30 seconds more in every subsequent workout. This way if you extend 30 seconds daily for 60 days successively, it will be easier to attain the results you want.


Compare Methodology? Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

Core de Force
This program basically consists of 3-minute workout rounds. They include different fighting combinations, bodyweight moves and cardio exercises, which will amplify calorie burning. The rounds contain a mix of punch and kicks followed by a high intensity spike move to maximise your heart beat and burn calories. You’ll be motivated to outperform yourself so you really ‘earn your break’.
Irrespective of your fitness status, you’ll have to ensure you don’t stop working out until the bell rings. You’ll have to keep punching, kicking and sweating extravagantly non-stop till then. With Core de Force, you don’t require any equipment to work out; you just need to follow the exercises you view in its DVDs.

Body Combat
Inspired by martial arts, Body Combat is a non-contact, interval-based workout program. You just need to pay attention to the instructor’s directions for the workout and follow them. No boxing gloves or special equipment are needed for Body Combat. The workouts last 55 minutes and have ted tracks. Beginners can start by following the first few tracks and leave the remaining for the next session, in which. They start from the beginning and complete some more tracks that increase gradually. Some tracks on it are more challenging than the others.

Insanity Max 30
The aim of Insanity Max 30 program is to help you get the perfect body by working out for just 30 minutes a day. Shaun T’s 6—Day MAX OUT Challenge comprises the toughest moves and exercises that burn several calories and fats and also build muscles. What’s special about this workout is that it does not require any equipment. Only those who have strong will power can conquer this challenge that delivers sure results that astonish.


Compare what to expect? Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

Core de Force
This workout program is created to work round your body and make it possible for you to get back in shape. Moves like boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai help you shed unwanted fats with the help of your bodyweight itself. It is also perfect for shaping up your muscles and avail of interval training for cardio burn. The exhaustive and rotational movements presented by Joel and Jericho strengthen the muscles and chisel your abs. It also tightens muscles and enhances your fitness level, stamina and confidence.

Body Combat
It keeps you physically active the whole day and gets your body to acquire enviable shape. The intense training burns undesirable fats and calories throughout your body and makes you feel rejuvenated. Regular Body Combat workouts help you maintain your physique and keep you on your toes whole day round.

Insanity Max 30
This workout program guarantees to help you acquire the perfect shape through different types of moves that bring your abs and muscles into shape. Insanity Max 30 burns calories and fats rapidly and helps you lose up to 25 pounds. It’s a stimulating set of exercises that increase your strength and agility. The cardio exercises boost the heart rate and take fitness to a new high. All you have to do is maintain the level of exercise and consume protein supplements regularly.


Compare Exercises Routines? Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

Core de Force
It comprises round 3 minutes workouts to be performed in sequence. You have to ascend the numbers by increasing from 3 rounds to 9 rounds and then go to 12 rounds. The idea is to make more fat burn every time you perform more rounds, and by the time 30 days are over, you can look forward to achieving results you desire. The Core de Force regimen that involves seven workout sessions per week also grants an active recovery day so that your muscles get a break. A calendar is also provided to refer to the type of workout you need to perform each day.

MMA Speed
This stage focuses on the upper body and the core. It is quite like boxing and isn’t stressful and exasperating but still very powerful. (It consists of 6 rounds, each lasting 27 minutes.)

MMA Shred
It involves kicking moves and draws inspiration from Muay Thai-inspired elbows and kicks. It gives a head-to-toe workout and has 9 rounds of 37 minutes duration.

MMA Power
It is about performing energetic defensive-style movements. It’s basically a fast-paced cardio-conditioning workout that is known to help one attain a fitted, lean body.
(It consists of 12 rounds of 47 minutes)

MMA Plyo
A blend of boxing, Muay Thai, and plyometrics, this workout guarantees an intensive workout and burns hundreds of calories and fat.
(It comprises 12 rounds of 47 minutes)

Power Sculpt
It employs power and interval training that are necessary to melt fat. It is also focused on helping you form lean muscle and boost endurance.
(It consists of 9 rounds that last 37 minutes)

Dynamic Strength
It is very intense and power-packed, and focuses on helping you shape up speedily.
(It consists of 12 rounds of 47 minutes)

Active Recovery
It gives your body the much-needed relief and renewal of spirit for the week as a perfectly timed rest day workout. It emphasizes on form and technique and also soothes muscle stiffness and ache.
(Duration: 21 minutes)

Projected as a well-conceived 5-minute workout session to be performed before sleeping, it helps you stretch your body slickly so that tight and tired muscles are relieved of stress.
(Duration: 5 minutes)

Core Kinetics (Duration: 15 minutes): An exclusive core workout that resembles
mixed martial arts movements that helps you develop power-packed abs.

Core on the Floor (Duration: 5 minutes): It is projected as the perfect core finisher that constitutes five vigorous plank movements to tone the belly while flattening and defining the tummy.

Body Combat

Workout 1: The Basics (Duration: 30 minutes)
Basic MMA movements including “guards and stances are incorporated throughout the workout program

Workout 2: Kick Start (Duration: 30 minutes)
Beginner workout which is simple and yet unusually high intense and a part of basic combination moves.

Workout 3: Power KATA (Duration: 45 minutes)
It thrives on speed and power moves that burn calories. It resembles dynamic cross-training moves.

Workout 4: Extreme Cardio Fighter (Duration: 60 minutes)
It enhances your endurance level by getting you to perform highly challenging exercises that build your muscles and toughen you to the core.

Workout 6:Power Hit 1 (Duration: 30 minutes)
This stage progresses slowly but steadily in the form of small sequences of stimulating exercising by recovery moves.

Workout 7: Shock PLYO HIIT 2: It’s a plyometic form of exercise that aims to sharpen athletic performance and a complete body workout.

It’s a 55-minute workout with ten tracks. One can proceed at a moderate pace initially and increase gradually. This workout starts with a warm-up that apparently gives a boost to blood circulation through your upper and lower body. It also acquaints you with the moves that you will perform later.

The next five tracks consist of alternating a combat training track with a power training track. The former teaches you to perform kicks, strikes and punches to improve muscular strength while the latter includes simple boxing jabs, hooks and upper cuts. These moves boost your heart rate and perk you up.

The Muay Thai track, the seventh track, is composed of moves like punches and strikes that focus on the upper body and lower body and also build cardio endurance.

Track 8 also strives to motivate you to push the limits.
The workout session concludes with a core conditioning track and cool-down moves so that you aren’t overstressed at the end.

Insanity Max 30

Month 1: Workout Exercises that Alternate Cardio and Tabata-style Strength Workouts
Cardio Challenge – It’s a 30-minute sequence of cardio exercises meant to challenge your endurance level.

Tabata Power – It is designed to train you in strength with the classic Tabata-style “20 seconds on, 10 seconds off” workout pattern. This workout focuses particularly on muscles.

Sweat Intervals – This is an exceptionally gruelling workout program that helps you burn a very high number of calories while it lasts.

Tabata Strength – This part carries forth the strategy of making you work out without a pause.

Friday Fight: Round 1 – It goes deeper into the regimen of working out incessantly by now.

Month 2: Intervals Get Extended while Everything Else Remains the Same

MAX OUT Cardio – It’s an extraordinarily powerful cardio workout to help you lose weight and shape up.

MAX OUT Power – It’s a ‘45 seconds on, 15 seconds off’ Tabata-style plyometric power workout in which intervals are longer than before.

MAX OUT Sweat – It motivates you to keep working out to burn more calories.

MAX OUT Strength – This part chisels arms, shoulders, chest and core. It follows the ‘45 seconds on, 15 seconds off’ Tabata-style pattern.

Friday Fight: Round 2 – This goes a step further in making you workout as hard as you can with all your strength.

Further, some extra workout exercises are included in this set which comprise Pulse and Ab Attack:10 which can be performed at any point throughout the program.


Compare calories burned: Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

Core de Force
Not mentioned

Body Combat
Up to 740 calories*

Insanity Max 30
Not mentioned


Compare price: Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

Core de Force
Core De Force Base Kit for 3 monthly payments of $19.95 (+FREE S&H)

Body Combat
Not mentioned

Insanity Max 30
2 monthly payments of $39.95 (plus S&H)


Compare REVIEWS: Core de Force vs Body Combat vs Insanity Max 30

Core de Force Review

Reviews of Core de Force indicate that customers are aware they have to follow the right nutrition plan and adhere to the right nutrition plan in the form of container system to derive successful results. While some customers see potential in this method, others aren’t too excited about it.

Core de Force has also been criticized by some users for two elements viz. movement of jab and that of clinch. About jab, a customer says that the rotation of front foot related to it needs improvement. Another customer feels that the clinch part also needs to be toned down a bit to be effective.

Body Combat Review

Body Combat makes liberal use of Muay Thai, which a large number of customers find exceedingly gruelling. Most of them have written about how they faced problems like exhaustion, loss of stamina and even stress in calf muscles. According to them, solutions offered like cooling down with Tai Chi and abs crunches don’t really help much.

Some customers who have just started with Body Combat workouts say that beginners should avoid going overboard with exercising at the start. For them, two classes a week would suffice initially so that there’s no strain on the body. Moves like punching in the air may seem simple, but they can also be taxing. They say that point out that performing this workout without a towel and a water bottle will be inconvenient. Wearing a comfortable pair of light shoes and being at ease with jumping and shouting loudly is also important while doing these exercises.

Some users have appreciated Body Combat and said that it’s very effective in burning calories as it involves a lot of high jumps and kicks. Another person has said that when he started with it in a class, his body ached the whole day but didn’t seem hurtful. It is quite intense and the music is also very fast. Though he was comfortable with body pump, a few people in his class started dropping out but he intends to attend it regularly.

Another user has said that he’s comfortable with Body Combat. He likes the fact that one doesn’t have to feel pressurised to perform exercises as it allows users to go easy and increase the intensity gradually. That’s one thing that a number of people have appreciated a lot.

Body Combat, according to some other exercisers, is effective but not very good technically. Hey find its steps more like dance moves and less like martial arts or self-defence. Others have complained that its pace is too frenetic to get its form and application right. Its creators, they say, need to do something about it.

Insanity Max 30 Review

This workout has been pronounced as strictly ok by various people who’ve tried it. Users indicated annoyance with ‘mindless’ jumping it prescribes. One customer who used the original Insanity workout for years was expecting the new version to be better but it turned out to be a downer. She’s disappointed especially because she doesn’t find it safe for normal exercise routine. According to her, people with knee problems must avoid Insanity Max 30. She also advises the Insanity makers to switch over to the old workout program.

Also, it consists of only 14 different routines currently, which several people have complained isn’t very effective. Also, the workouts in the current format aren’t as good and last just 30 minutes compared to the previous version, which were of 40 minutes.
Insanity Max 30 has also been panned by some users as deceitful. One person has said that he’s started suffering from mild back pain after starting with it. One user, who’s in his 20’s has complained he’s begun experiencing knee pain after starting with it, and that it stops when he takes a break for a few days. He says it’s also difficult to do these workouts while being seated.

A number of other people who’ve used Insanity Max 30 exercises also find them very strenuous and unsafe. They say what makes it worse is the exclusion of proper warm up and stretching. It also forces you to jump too much, which can be hard on joints in due course.

Insanity Max 30, however, some others who’ve tried it, say it’s a good workout if one can keep up with it. Some find it rather expensive. Another user has said that he’s not too happy with this purchase. He says that the DVDs seem pirated and not original.

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