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LICKI brush states to be a cat brush that makes humans a part of a cat’s intimate licking ritual by mimicking their licking action. It thereby alleges to strengthen the bond between the cat and owner and is soothing for the cat and the owner. LICKI promises to be made of food grade silicone rubber that feels pleasurable on the cat’s sensitive skin.

How does LICKI work?

The bristles on the top and the bottom of LICKI convince to provide a complete tongue lashing and the brush is easy enough to be used by humans. Since LICKI brush allows you to connect with them like another cat, it convinces to deepen the relationship between you and the pet.

Fun way to groom cats
If you feel left out of your cat’s intimate grooming and licking ritual, then the LICKI brush guarantees to bring you in their inner circle. Since cats only like being licked by other cats and grooming is their social bonding ritual, LICKI proclaims to imitate this licking action and prevent the cat from running away from you. The brush assures to make grooming more fun and is also a stress buster for the owner. LICKI alleges to let you communicate in the cat’s language and thus deepen your relationship with the feline friend. Does the brush really have such amazing effects? User reviews will reveal more.

Easy and safe to use
LICKI convinces to be easy to use, with its bristles on top and bottom offering an all-round tongue lashing. It states that furballs will be a thing of past since its rubber silicone surface is easy to clean with soap and water, making it hygienic to use. These sound like tall claims’ it’s advisable to first read more LICKI user reviews before believing them. Emphasizing to be made of superior-quality food grade silicone rubber, LICKI is designed to be pleasurable and easy on your cat’s sensitive skin. Not just cats, LICKI declares to be great for grooming other small animals such as rabbits and puppies. Did your cat find LICKI pleasurable? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?
buy LICKI just for only $25.00

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