MicroTouch Toughblade Review

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About MicroTouch Toughblade

MicroTouch Toughblade is a blade razor that claims to be German-engineered and tough to give you a clean and close shave throughout the year with utmost comfort. MicroTouch Toughblade states to let you shave at any angle with great precision. The blade razor convinces to be safe for sensitive skin and cover large areas like the head as effectively.

How does it work

What allegedly makes MicroTouch Toughblade a cut above the norm is the fact that it made of three German stainless steel blades. The first blade of the blade razor states to lift the hair, second blade cuts it, and the third one gives a clean and close finish. The perfectly-angled blades of MicroTouch Toughblade and micro thin non-stick surface are maintained to give you the smoothest shave ever.

The cleanest, closest and most comfortable shave

When you need a shave, you cannot help but invest in blade razors. Most razors do not give you a close and clean shave no matter how big a brand they belong to. The new MicroTouch Toughblade, however, promises that you will get the smoothest, cleanest shave ever while being the most comfortable too. MicroTouch Toughblade declares that it is made from German engineering and it has a layer of three blades. The first blade of MicroTouch Toughblade states to lifts the hair of the stubble, the second blade cuts it and the third blade gives you the close shave. MicroTouch Toughblade declares that it has a micro thin non-stick surface that stays closest to the skin while giving you a shave.

You shave and save

Shaving with a traditional blade can burn a hole in your pocket because it costs at least $20 a month for a small pack of blades. But MicroTouch Toughblade asserts that you can get a lot more superior shave at that much for an entire year. Unlike traditional blade razors, MicroTouch Toughblade assures that you will get the most perfect shave no matter what direction you shave in – up, down or across. This is claimed to be because the blade razor works in all the angles to give you a comfortable shave. In spite of being a three-blade razor, it proclaims to work even better than 5 or 6 blade razors available on the market.

Great for sensitive skin

Most razor blades mean bad news for shavers especially those who have sensitive skin. But MicroTouch Toughblade convinces that no matter how sensitive skin you have, it will suit you just fine. You are assured to not have to worry about razor burns or rashes when shaving with MicroTouch Toughblade. The shave that you get with MicroTouch Toughblade is alleged to look smashing and feel just as great. Those who need to shave their heads as well are assured to benefit from MicroTouch Toughblade just as much. The blade razor MicroTouch Toughblade claims to be tough enough to shave on larger area. MicroTouch Toughblade proclaims that it is created to give great shave in any angle. Most razors can be shaved with only in one direction to get a consistent-looking result. But MicroTouch Toughblade promises that it works in just any direction extremely precisely. So you can shave upwards, downwards and even across with MicroTouch Toughblade to get a close shave without spending too much time.

What do I get?

You’ll receive your MicroTouch Toughblade and MicroTough Trimmer and 12 Replacement blades, a 1 year supply for just $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling.Official website toughblade.com

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