Micro Brownie Pan Review

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About Micro Brownie Pan

Micro Brownie Pan is a brownie pan that claims to let you make perfect brownies in your microwave in or under 5 minutes. The bake ware asserts that you will get a pan full of brownies that will be crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. You can allegedly do all this with the pan without even turning on the stove.


How does it work

Getting decadent brownies is claimed to be super easy and quick by the manufacturers of Micro Brownie Pan. The pan proclaims that it comes with a divider insert that keeps the brownie pieces separate and bakes them exclusively. This is asserted to ensure that every brownie is perfectly crispy outside and equally gooey and soft inside. Also included in the kit is a vented lid that states to ensure the right flow of air to give you the perfectly moist brownies.


A pan full of perfect brownies in five minutes

If you want to score extra brownie points with your family and friends for baking the most perfect brownies, then the bake ware Micro Brownie Pan maintains to be the right option for you. The manufacturers of Micro Brownie Pan state that a difficult task like making brownies perfectly is quick and easy now. No matter how hard you work on them, brownies must surely take the life out of you to have them consistently baked inside and outside. But Micro Brownie Pan promises that baking brownies is an easy and quick task now. The Micro Brownie Pan kit states to come with a divider insert and a vented lid. You need to place the insert divider on the brownie pan and pour the batter over it. Close the pan with the vented lid and toss it into the microwave. With Micro Brownie Pan you will have a pan full of brownies within five minutes without turning on the stove or spending a lot of time baking them. So you can make brownies in big batches within minutes now.



Bakes individual brownies

When you insert the divider, you make way for the Micro Brownie Pan to allegedly make individual brownies on the pan. This convinces that each piece turns out flakey and crispy outside and the inside is just as gooey and soft. Micro Brownie Pan promises to give you amazingly moist brownies because its lid is a vented lid that lets the air flow perfectly for perfect results. Not just brownies, Micro Brownie Pan assures that you can make many delicacies with the bake ware. Cornbreads, cakes and bars can be made just as easily with perfect results, and in just about five minutes in Micro Brownie Pan, too, right in the microwave.


Safe to use, easy to maintain

Micro Brownie Pan declares that it is BPA and melamine free, so it is safe to cook in. Cleaning Micro Brownie Pan is assured to be easy breezy too. The insert and the vented lid are both promised to be dishwasher safe. Micro Brownie Pan also asserts that it is so quick that you can go from frozen to microwave to ready-to-serve in a few minutes. The shape and size of brownies baked in Micro Brownie Pan is guaranteed to be perfect squares so that it doesn’t look inconsistent and shabby to guests.


What do I get?

You will receive two sets of MicroBrownie™ Pan for just $14.95 + $12.9P&H.Official website microbrownie.com


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