Monster Lights Review

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About Monster Lights

Monster Lights are remote-controlled LED lights that claim to be multicolored and shine from under the bed so that you kids can sleep peacefully and beat the fear of monsters under the bed. Monster Lights proclaims to gives light under the bed and below so that your kid will fall right back to sleep even if he wakes up in the middle of the night.

How does it work

Even if there are night lamps that add some light to the room, it’s always absolutely dark under the bed. But Monster Lights are stated to be placed right there where kids imagine the monsters hide, so that it is less creepy for them. You allegedly just need to peel and stick the light under the bed and light and change the lights with a remote control.

Monster-free zone for kids to sleep alone

Every kid goes to bed with the fear of monsters under his bed or wakes up in the middle of the night unable to fall asleep easily again. But, Monster Lights asserts that it can do away with such fear by adding light to the room. Monster Lights are multi-colored so they assure to be fun for the kids while giving them a feeling of safety. Monster Lights convinces to add light to the one area that is always eerily dark even when there is night lamp in the room, and that is under the bed. With that area lit up, Monster Lights promises that your kid’s fear of the monsters will be gone and they will sleep sound and wake up fresh. Monster Lights maintains that it is super easy to install and use and not need any hardware tool or difficult installation. You are alleged to just need to peel and stick it under the bed. Claiming to be 16 feet long, Monster Lights asserts that it can cover the entire bed from underneath. There is no hassle of getting up to switch the Monster Lights On/Off as it is controlled by a remote control, as the creators convince.

Multicolor light show

Not just to drive the imaginary monsters away, Monster Lights promises that it will be super fun for kids, too. Monster Lights assert that there are many exciting colors like blue, yellow, white, and green and can change from one color to another, as many as 16 different ones. Or, Monster Lights assure that they set on the multicolor mode in strobes and flash for more excitement. Monster Lights proclaims that other than making the room a monster free zone for your kids, it finds favor with teenagers, too. Because they can be used as an attractive light show, your teenagers will have fun hanging out in the room with their friends. Girls can allegedly turn their bed into a princess bed with the colorful Monster Lights under and around it.

Also works around doors

Monster Lights convinces that it other than working under and around the bed for a pretty glow, it can be used to stick on the closet, too. Not only will that make the room prettier but also guide you in the night when you need something from there. With the glow around where you install it, it guarantees to let you walk up to the bathroom without accidental trips.

What do I get?

you get two set of Monster Lights with the remote control and LED light for only $19.99 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website

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