Me Chic Vs Me Smooth vs Me Sleek

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Compare what is it? Me Chic Vs Me Smooth vs Me Sleek

Me Chic: It claims to be a compact, professional, use at home, permanent hair reduction system for your face and body.

Me Smooth: It is an advanced, compact, professional, use at home device that can be used for permanent hair reduction on different parts of your body.

Me Sleek assures to be a FDA-cleared and clinically proven solution developed by top dermatologist technology for providing permanent hair reduction.

Compare how does it work? Me Chic Vs Me Smooth vs Me Sleek

Me Chic: It asserts that it is the only FDA cleared technology for permanent results on all skin tones. It has been used by dermatologists for a long time and it stresses that it can work on targeted areas in a matter of minutes. It makes the most out of Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency to heat and attract the hair follicle. Once that’s done, hair shaft and follicle are destroyed to reveal silky, smooth skin quickly and conveniently.

Me Smooth: It has been developed by scientists to bring the best of Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency to ensure that it works better than other traditional hair removal systems. The color blind RF allows it to use lower levels of IPL energy to remove hair from darker skin tones as well. While IPL heats the hair follicle, RF attracts it. Hair shaft and follicle are then destroyed so that you have silky soft skin once again.

Me Sleek – There are three steps to be followed to use Me Sleek optimally. The first is to prep the skin by removing the hair in the area of treatment using wax or shaving. People with fair hair, waxing or epilation should be done immediately before treatment. The next step is to turn the device on and select the desired energy level. Next is to slowly glide Me Sleek over the area of treatment two to three times. Following these steps once a week for 7 weeks with periodic touch-up treatments will help achieve permanent hair reduction. Me Sleek assures to work on all types of skin tones and on a wide range of hair colors.

Compare technology: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Me Chic: At the heart of this permanent hair reduction system is Elos Technology (Electro-optical synergy), which instantly and very gently disables hair follicles. It ensures that hair falls out and doesn’t grow back. A combination of Intense Pulsed Technology and Radio Frequency comes into play here, giving it an edge over regular hair removal technologies. Use of RF ensures that it uses lower level of IPL to remove hair even on darker skin tones.

Me Smooth: This treatment system has been used and endorsed by dermatologists. With its patented Elos Technology, it is the only use at home, professional hair removal system that has been cleared by the FDA to work on all skin tones.

Me Sleek uses a patented elos hair removal technology that combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF). It is designed to provide faster and safer results over any other at-home hair removal technologies.

Compare safety: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth vs Me Sleek

Me Chic: It the only use at home hair removal device, which uses Elos Technology that has been clinically proven and FDA cleared to be safe for use on all skin tones.

Me Smooth: This treatment system is safe and effective for all skin tones and hair colours. The technology it uses is also FDA cleared to be safe and effective.

Compare body parts it can be used on: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Me Chic: It can be used on your face and body, including smaller, contoured areas like underarm, bikini, face and larger areas like legs.

Me Smooth: Since it is completely safe and gentle on your skin, it can be used on face, bikini and underarm area, and also your legs.

Me Sleek – This device is designed for removing hair from the arms, legs, chest, back, and stomach. It can also be used on the women’s facial hair below the cheek line along with upper lip, sideburns, jawline, and chin/neck.

Compare when to expect results: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth vs Me Sleek

Me Chic: Studies have shown that it can give you 46% hair reduction after 2 weeks. It also emphasizes on its permanent hair reduction results. After 7 weeks of its prescribed use, it can be used for touch-ups to address any kind of hair growth issue.

Me Smooth: It promises 46% hair reduction in a matter of two weeks. It has a 7 week protocol for use and it ensures permanent hair reduction. It can be used for touch-ups in case there is any small hair growth.

Me Sleek – It is recommended for use once a week for 7 weeks to see substantial results. Later on, periodic touch-up treatments will be required to maintain the hair removal results.

Compare settings: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Me Chic: There are different settings that can be chosen from, based on your specific requirements. However it’s ideal to start with the lowest level and increase it if you feel comfortable.

Me Smooth: It has low, medium and high settings. It is recommended to start at low setting before moving on to higher settings depending on your comfort.

Me Sleek: There are several energy levels available for selection on Me Sleek. Each treatment area takes few minutes with a maximum time of 8 minutes required for the leg area.

Compare Price: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth vs Me Sleek

Me Chic: It can be bought for $199.00.

Me Smooth: It is available for $299.00.

Me Sleek – $255.98

Compare what to expect: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth vs Me sleek

Me Chic: It gives you long lasting results without some of the commonly seen side effects of other hair removal systems. It promises to work on light, fair, medium, olive, brown and darkest skin tones. It also works on all hair colours including blonde, dark blonde and red hair.

Me Smooth: It offers you permanent hair reduction results without the side effects caused by other treatment methods. It is safe and effective on light, fair, medium, olive, brown and darkest skin tones, and blonde, dark blonde and red hair.

Me Sleek: Using Me Sleek can allegedly provide fasted permanent hair reduction for all skin types with unlimited treatments. The new, innovative technology adopts advanced laser hair removal to remove hair two times faster than other devices to save time.

Compare what’s the difference: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth

Me Chic, Me Smooth and Me Sleek all work on the same Elos Technology that offers permanent hair reduction results safely and gently. It takes same amount of time to show the results as well. But the big difference is that Me Sleek is a more advanced device that has more, easy to use controls and intuitive application. However it’s also more expensive than Me Chic and Me Smooth.

Compare Reviews: Me Chic Vs Me Smooth vs Me Sleek


Badly made product, doesn’t work – Leona who used Me Chic exposed in her review that when it arrived, the power cord wasn’t wrapped in a twist tie, which made her wonder if it was already used. But she decided to give it a try because she was excited about getting it. She tried to use it on her arm first because it should be the easiest area but it didn’t work at all. In fact the flash didn’t come on either and that’s not what you expect from a product that’s quite pricey. She just thinks it’s a useless product that is not even packaged well and overall a complete disaster.

Me Smooth REVIEW

No long lasting results – Karen who bought Me Smooth revealed in her review that she has used it for a few months now and the good thing is that it doesn’t hurt. Even on the most sensitive areas and at the highest setting, it doesn’t cause any pain. She also noticed that her arms and legs were soft and hairless as she had hoped for after 7-8 weeks of treatment. But according to her, the biggest problem with the device is that the results don’t last. Within a couple of weeks she noticed hair growth, which was quite coarse. She followed the directions to the T and wishes that this issue wouldn’t crop up.

Doesn’t remove hair – Misha who used Me Smooth exposed in her review that it was useless for hair removal although she did everything she was asked to. It didn’t even work on peach fuzz; it was that bad. She then decided to turn the setting to a higher level but it caused her a lot of discomfort. It helped her get rid of some hair but the problem is that it grows back before you know it. She thinks it might just be a semi-permanent solution for dark skin, nothing more than that. Unfortunately, it’s over priced, noisy and quite tacky too.

Tedious and useless – Lara who reviewed Me Smooth complained in her review that firstly it is tedious to use with the annoying strobe light. She could deal with that if it really worked but in spite of using it for around 18 weeks it practically showed no results. Yes, hair growth was a bit slower but you still needed to shave it. It makes her believe that it is nothing more than an expensive shaver. The cartridges didn’t last long either and using it was a nuisance. The customer service was useless and she had no option but to throw it away.

Me Sleek Reviews
Kristin Welch, a reviewer of Me Sleek reveals that the device does remove the hair but has a slow progress in comparison to what it promises. The unit isn’t sturdily constructed, seems unreliable, and the pulsing laser might be dangerous to the eyes. She suggests that Me Sleek would have been better if it could have sales reps to use the machine before marketing it.

Another Me Sleek review by Erin Diaz mentions that there is no protective eye-wear included in the kit and there is no instruction whether one needs it or not. She also states that the lack of feeling of Me Sleek zapping might be negative since there is no way to know whether it is actually strong enough to perform the job. The review further says that Me Sleek isn’t strong and requires 2-3 times use over the skin and still doesn’t show satisfactory results.

Mona Beck’s review of Me Sleek states that using epilators before the process might just take away the effectiveness of the laser since it removes the hair from the root that is the main target to kill. She advises furthermore in her review to not use Me Sleek if users have a photosensitive skin. She also found the unit a bit frustrating sometimes as it didn’t allow selection of a power level.

According to Glenda Gill’s review, Me Sleek is hot in touch especially for areas such as armpits and bikini zone, rendering it useless. She also found the light to be very bright and recommends users wear sunglasses or use it in a very bright room so that it will not hurt the eyes much.

All work on same technology which is Elos that helps in permanent hair reduction. Also all of them are FDA cleared devices to be used at home. Going by the description there is no significant difference in all 3 devices other than that Me Sleek is more advanced, however it more expensive than Me Chic and Me Smooth. Also the devices don’t give results as claimed and/or expected it is better to stick with traditional method for removing hair. But still if you want to give a try for how effective the hair removal devices work for you than since all 3 functions in a same manner we would suggest to go with Me chic over Me Sleek since it is giving same results comparatively in lesser price.

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  1. Normally I need to shave every single day. I bought the Me Chic and first tried it on Wednesday. Well it is Saturday now and I still dont need to shave! And this is after one treatment only!!! I cant wait to see how it will be after 7 weeks!
    Def worth the money!!!

  2. Thank you for the review

  3. i prefer my karmin 🙂

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