Sticky Sheets Review

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What are Sticky Sheets?

As depicted in the infomercial, Sticky Sheets are Pet Hair Removal Sheets that claim to be the fastest and the easiest method for removing pet hair, lint and dirt. It can be used anywhere, be it chairs, sofas, car seats, clothing, rugs, carpets, comforters, pillows or any other large surface. Sticky Sheets assert that the sheets are sufficiently large to cover a huge area and is reusable to clean an entire room which is a promise that can only be substantiated once Sticky Sheets’ reviews come out.


How does the Sticky Sheets work?

We all love pets but it’s the pet hair that can drive one crazy. For those of us who currently have or have had pets would know better. It’s not a hidden truth that we have tried almost everything under the sun to get rid of the pet hair. Right from vacuuming to wrapping tape around our hands to going through multiple lint rollers to even using tweezers to remove the pet hair from furniture or car seats. Hours and hours are spent every week attempting to stay ahead of the hairy mess our beloved pets leave behind.Sticky Sheets claim to have solved this problem with their unique idea. Claiming to be the fastest and easiest method of removing pet hair, lint and dirt, the Sticky Sheets stick it and rip it in no time to reveal a surface spotlessly clean. We are not really impressed thus far as we haven’t looked into any Sticky Sheets reviews, if at all there are any.

Using Sticky Sheets is apparently very easy too. All one has to do is peel the starter strip off on the top of the Sticky Sheet. Stick the top tab to the surface and peel the rest of the backing from underneath. Then, squish the sheet into all the cracks and crevices to pick up all the pet hair and then rip off the Sticky Sheet from the surface in one swift fluid motion. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, we’ll just wait for the Sticky Sheets reviews to know how effectively they really work.

The makers reveal the secret behind Sticky Sheets hair gripping strength is the specially designed adhesive that is powerful enough to remove embedded hair from the fabric of the furniture, carpets, rugs, bedspreads, pillows, curtains, car seats and even clothing. By mistake even if it sticks together, Sticky Sheets easily pulls apart. Sticky Sheets further claims that a single pack of Sticky Sheets is equivalent to over 500 roller brush sheets. Whenever there’s too far-fetched a claim like this one, we get a little more cautious. Instead of being swept away by the lofty claims we’d rather let the Sticky Sheets reviews do the talking. Sticky Sheetsare supposedly really big measuring 23″ x 35″, which makes 6 square feet of hair-gripping surface per sheet- more than enough to cover most chairs.A StickySheet can be used on an average of 5-6 surfaces before discarding (up to 10 surfaces in some situations). This number may increase or decrease depending on the amount of hair or lint on the surface you wish to clean.


What do I get?

You get 48 Sticky Sheets for $59.95 plus free shipping.Official website

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