LumaRx vs Tria

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Compare what is it? LumaRx vs Tria

LumaRx: It is an intense pulsed light hair removal device that claims to work on the entire body and offer you permanent hair reduction in just three treatments.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X: It claims to be the first and only FDA cleared use at home hair removal laser device that makes the most out of diode laser technology that is used by dermatologists for best results.


Compare how does it work? LumaRx vs Tria

LumaRx: It works because of the Intense Pulsed Light technology that has been to known give you long lasting hair reduction results. Here light energy is emitted and it penetrates the skin to reach hair roots. As a result active hair follicles are stunned and it breaks hair growth cycle, which prevents future hair growth. You will also notice that the treated hair falls in 7 to 10 days.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X: It maintains that is the only use at home hair removal device that has diode lasers, which disable the hair follicle by targeting the melanin at the root without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. First, the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle and it ensures that the disabled hair starts falling out. The laser permanently disables the hair follicles’ ability to grow hair in the future.


Compare what to expect? LumaRx vs Tria

LumaRx: It brings the optimal range of power, time and depth to make it the perfect use at home hair removal device for you. The energy output determines amount of device power to treat the hair, the light reaches deep enough to treat hair follicles and longer pulses ensure that hair shaft is heated gradually for adequate amount of time. It has a larger treatment window, so that you have more coverage and faster treatment times. Since there is no treatment overlap you can treat the same area in just 4 flashes. Importantly, clinical studies have shown that it delivered 66% hair reduction in 12 months with just 3 treatments.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X: It stresses that it can deliver three times more hair removing energy density than other use at home hair removal devices. The ultra high energy density along with precise laser wavelength selection ensures that hair follicles are disabled and there is no hair re-growth. It gives you excellent coverage so that you are saved time and the Precision device can be used to treat the sensitive areas.

Compare Hair Removal Technology: LumaRx vs Tria

LumaRx: Intense Pulsed Technology has been used for hair reduction for over two decades now. Broad spectrum light with filters block out lower and higher frequencies of light, including ultraviolet and infrared light that is not needed for hair removal. Pulses or burst energy is used to apply light and spread energy evenly through treatment windows. It means hot spots are reduced and treatment is delivered safely, effectively and comfortably.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X: It uses diode laser technology making it one of a kind use at home hair removal system. 9 out of 10 dermatologists prefer laser treatments for hair removals, and their benefits are seen with the device. You can start the treatment by preparing your skin before choosing from one of the 5 energy levels available. Choose the area to begin and treat it every two weeks. It claims to be effective on all types of skin tones and hair colour.


Compare features: LumaRx vs Tria

LumaRx: It is a fully body device with larger areas of use (3 sq cm flash window) that lead to more intensive treatments. It promises to give you results in three treatments and has been designed for your convenience. Firstly, this corded device doesn’t require recharging, and has 3 second flash speed for body and 4 second flash speed for face. It uses ComfortFilter technology for comfort and gives 65,000 flashes per replaceable cartridge. Maximum energy is 8 J / sq cm, wavelength 650-1200 nm for body cap and 600-1200 for facial cap. Works on all skin tones and hair colors; you just need to use the skin tone tester at the onset and choose the desired energy level to get the results you want.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X: The device has not only been designed to offer safe and effective results but to give you complete convenience as well. The unique interactive LED display allows you to go through each treatment safely. It is also powerful and effective so that you can stake a claim to that softer looking skin you always wanted. Its 30 minute battery life ensures that you can cover multiple face and body parts in each treatment.


Compare Price: LumaRx vs Tria

LumaRx: It can be bought for $449.00.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X: You can buy the kit for $399.00.


Compare what do I get? LumaRx vs Tria

LumaRx: Base unit and hand piece, facial cap, body cap, 65000 flash cartridge, lint free cloth and user guide.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X: You get the hair removal unit for the price.


LumaRx vs Tria Verdict

Both the hair removal systems promise to be efficient and let you get the job done safely at home. LumaRx is more expensive of the two, but it has its advantages including larger treatment window. It also claims to give you results in three sessions, which is why are going to go with LumaRx as the winner here.


Compare Reviews: LumaRx vs Tria

LumaRx Reviews

LumaRx doesn’t work – Clare who bought LumaRx complained in her review that she bought it after seeing all the hype around it, but has been left disappointed. Firstly, she was glad she read all the instructions before using it because you have to remove all makeup and shave the area right in the beginning. She also realized that you have to use the treatment every two weeks and she decided to follow the instructions to the T. She used it on her armpit, chin and upper lip area on the lowest setting the first time and waited to see the results.

They didn’t come, which is when she decided to go for a higher setting in her next treatment. That didn’t work either and she had no choice but to opt for the highest setting. That left her skin red with a few blisters but unfortunately it did not give her the result she was looking for. It makes her believe that this system is all hype and doesn’t live up to the expectations at all. The only good thing for her was that it was safe and didn’t cause her a lot of pain.


Not the best treatment available – Jennifer who used LumaRx revealed in her review that she has been using this device for 6 months now and it does show some results. But they are nowhere close to what it is made out to be. She still has to pluck out hair every now and again, which is annoying. According to her, armpit areas are where it works most effectively. When used on the legs she noticed that it gave inconsistent results because there were patchy areas she had to contend with. But the worst part for her was that the hair grows back. She bought it in the first place because she believed the claim that it prevents hair growth in the long run. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen, which makes her think it’s not worth the price she paid for it. She believes there are many other cost effective products that give her similar results if not better.

Not worth the price – Kylie who used LumaRx exposed in her review that this doesn’t work like it is supposed to. She was expecting professional quality results as it claims but that’s just not how it works out. She was left with hair that she had to pluck out even after the treatment. She admits that she wanted more from a hair removal product that she has paid huge amounts for. According to her it is certainly not worth the price and she wishes she could return it. But it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and that is just not enough to see the results. Since she persisted with it, she is stuck with an overpriced device that doesn’t give her results. She feels she has only ended up wasting her money, which is a letdown.


Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

TRIA 4X is painful – Eva who reviewed Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X complained in her review that it is extremely painful and that is her biggest grouse with it. She is light skinned and has dark hair, and was hoping that this device will help her remove unwanted hair. She started using it every two weeks as per the instructions and even bought the numbing cream that cost her lot of money. But in spite of all that she experiences a lot of pain when using it. According to the instructions, the pain is supposed to lessen after a few treatments. But that just wasn’t the case with her and she had to bear the same amount of pain every time she used it. She has tried using it on different settings but the pain is the same. She finally settled on level 4 because then at least the treatment is done quickly. She has only persisted with it because it gives her results as far as facial hair removal is concerned.

Doesn’t last – Kelly who bought Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X exposed in her review that though it works to some extent, it is not a long lasting device. She believes that it is meant to work only for a certain number of charges and after that you just have to throw it away. She was annoyed that you can’t change the battery, which means you are spending $400 for only a certain number of treatments. The worst part is that the makers are not very forthcoming about this information and she feels cheated because of it. She just couldn’t complete the treatment on entire areas and it didn’t really last as long as it stated. According to her another problem is that the results don’t last and there is a burning sensation when you use it. The numbing cream isn’t really helpful and she had to apply ice after the treatment to soothe it. Overall she thinks it’s a product that is definitely not worth the price.

Slow results – Lupita who used Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X revealed in her review that though it works fairly okay you don’t get the results as quickly as expected. In fact she had to use it many times to actually see any kind of results. She recommends that you use it exactly according to the instructions to get some benefits. But she believes that this is not going to work for women with thicker hair. And there is nothing you can do to reduce the pain it causes. You just have to grin and bear it. She is also irritated by the fact that it has such a short money back guarantee period because you really can’t tell if it is working in that time as the results take long to show. It means you are going to be stuck with a very expensive product that is just not up to the mark.

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  1. I have the Tria X. I have exactly the skin type and haircolor type that the device is meant for. I’ve used it on my stomach and chest thighs and face. The highest setting I was able to go to was level 3. It is more painful on my legs and face then my stomach and chest. I’ve had the best results on my stomach, but I had already had one session of laser treatment there. I do feel that it has helped to keep the hair from growing back in that one particular area. The hair on my chest has also grown back thinner. I wanted it mainly for my face, but it is just too difficult to handle. I will stick to plucking. It is recommended you wait two weeks between each use. I have used it more often and also less often than that. I found the instructions that it came with to be extremely unclear and was unsure about whether or not I had to go back over areas for a certain length of time. So I just did that to make sure I got the hair is. But there has been little improvement. I have on the device for about one year now.

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