Magna-Link Magnetic Device Connector REVIEW

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What is Magna-Link?

Magna-Link is a magnetic smart device connector designed to connect, sync and charge your smart devices easily. They are easy to connect and yank safe and are snag free. Featuring high quality magnets, the Magna-Link provides a secure and reliable connection!


Magna-Link CLAIMS

With Magna-Link you will never ever drop your phone when the power cable gets knocked, pulled at or tangled. Magna-Link instantly unclips because it’s attached with high quality magnets.

Easy to use – Magna-Link is so easy to use! You can connect your cable with one hand! So stop struggling to connect your charger in the middle of the night. With Magna-Link the cord will practically connect itself.

2 in 1 functionality – Magna-Link can be used to charge and also transfer and sync data.

Compatibility – Magna-Link is compatible with any USB data charging devices.

Snag Free – With Magna-Link you can prevent your device from getting damaged from snagged charging cables. Magna-Link quickly disconnects if suddenly yanked.

How to use Magna-Link? – Simply attach the Magna-Link magnetic cord adapter to the existing cable, and then insert the Magna-Link or USB connector into the port in your phone, tablet or electronic device. Magna-Link can be used for iOS or android devices. The Magna-Link connector is designed to always stay in blocking out water and dust from getting into your phones port.

What do I get?

  • 2 Magnetic Adaptors
  • 2 Magnetic Micro Port Plugs

Price: $9.99 plus $11.98 processing and handling | Order your Magna-Link today!

Magna-Link REVIEW

Clifton Neal says in his Magna-Link that he want to return the Magna-Link as it didn’t meet his needs. He says the magnetic force is not strong enough and the insert piece fell out on the first day, and whenever he moved the phone the connecting piece fell off. He further adds that Magna-Link is a great concept and he would have loved it if the magnets were much stronger.

Julia Griffin mentions in her review of the Magna-Link-“The charger does its job that’s why I’m giving it two stars. The design is nice and the cable is made from a very nice fabric but the magnet is so weak you have to lay your phone down flat and not move it for it to stay on to charge. I’ll never buy the Magna-Link again and will probably be buying a normal charger”.

Another user Victor Vasquez states in his Magna-Link review- “Not a bad product. It charges in a decent amount of time and the magnet is strong but the connector that plugs into the device doesn’t stay connected very good. The only other problem is that one of the cords came with two iPhone connector plugs instead of an android plug”.

In her review of the Magna-Link, Debra Gross writes- “I like the instant connectivity, but don’t like that a link in the cord causes the connection to break. Devices are constantly beeping at you if you move a plugged in phone or tablet because the magnetic connection is too weak for anything but movement free charging. I should have returned the old cables for the new version to see if they support faster charging speeds and use stronger neodymium magnets. I can’t recommend these for other than protecting your micro USB port from excessive wear”.

Mike Patterson states in his review of Magna-Link that it doesn’t stay plugged into his LG V10. Magna-Link falls right out when vertical which also means the magnet pulls it out he says.

Blake Norris says in his Magna-Link review that the charger did not work for Google Nexus 6 but it did work on other micro USB devices.

Leland Cook who bought the Magna-Link for his kids says in his Magna-Link review-“I needed something for the kids kindle and pad. This does the trick, but they pop off a little too easily so you have to be very careful that they are positioned well and don’t get bumped. That being said, it is better than the USB’s being ripped out or jammed in daily… just wish the magnet was stronger. The green light at the end is brilliant; just wish my other chargers had it.

Ramona Powell states in her Magna-Link review-“Magna-Link is okay, very weak magnet though. The cable requires something below it for support so it won’t disconnect”.

Magna-Link Questions/Answers

Q. Does Magna-Link work on the galaxy s7?
A. Yes, it fits in Smart Phones and Tablets with the interface of Micro-USB and i-Product.

Q. What size is the plug that goes into the phone?
A. It sticks out .07 inch (2mm) from the charge port. It’s .36 inch wide (9.3mm) & .17 inch (4.3mm).

Q. Will Magna-Link work with an HTC 8?
A. Yes Magna-Link works with an HTC 8.

Q. Does Magna-Link work with beats wireless headphones?
A. Cannot answer for sure but if Beats headphones use a micro-USB charging port it will work.

Q. Will Magna-Link”fast charge” Android phones?
A. Don’t think so.

Q. Will Magna-Link work on a chrome book?
A. Yes, it works. It fits in Smart Phones and Tablets with the interface of Micro-USB and i-Product.

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