Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

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Compare Features: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III:

  • Sent fully assembled by seller
  • Folds and rolls smoothly for easy storage
  • Comes with oversized castors
  • Offers 11 levels of resistance
  • Dual side glide board pulleys
  • Comprises three and four-point pulley system
  • Ball bearing rollers
  • Features chrome-plated rails and attachments
  • Includes deluxe two-inch double-stitched box cushion
  • Extra-large squat board


Total Gym XLS

  • 400 lb. weight capacity for total strength and stability
  • Upgraded comfort system
  • Pulley and cable system and squat stand
  • Flexible nylon strap handles
  • Padded glide board with head support
  • Chrome package
  • Advanced pulley and cable system
  • Flexible nylon strap handles
  • Comes with wing attachment and leg pull accessory
  • 400 lb. weight capacity for total strength and stability
  • Padded glide board with head support
  • Suitable for over 80 exercises



  • Facilitates 107 exercises
  • Reliable safety features
  • Locking pin for the height adjustment considerably bigger in diameter
  • Powerful and long-lasting
  • Comes with a range of accessories
  • 440 pounds resistance
  • Complete exercise manual included
  • Top quality design and flexibility
  • Real lifetime warranty


Compare Material: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
Two-inch double-stitched box cushion and chrome-plated rails and attachments are a part of it

Total Gym XLS
It’s made from hard plastic type material

Heavy gauge steel is used in the construction of this equipment


Compare Resistance: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
If offers 11 levels of resistance

Total Gym XLS
Not mentioned

75 plus levels of resistance


Compare Exercise Attachments: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
Biceps curl press bar: It is promoted as an innovative designed exercise equipment that includes biceps curl press bar which is interchangeable with the conventional twin handle system.

Pro AB Crunch Strap: It aims to offer heightened convenience and support to shoulders and neck with its fresh shape and longer length.

Power weight bar: It facilitates supplementing standard free weights to increase resistance while performing exercises like leg squats, calf raises, etc.

Chrome pull-up/ push-up bar: It is ideal for performing exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, shoulder press, behind neck press chin-ups, etc.

Sit-up cuff strap: Its size has been increased so that users with bigger shoe size can use it comfortably.

Extra-large squat board: It comes with advanced attachment for lower body exercises like leg squats and calf raises.
Other add-ons that arrive with Total Trainer DLX III are

  • Biceps Power Flex attachment
  • Pilates toe bar
  • Chrome independent twin handles
  • Dual leg cuffs
  • Four program cards
  • Instructional manual and DVD


Total Gym XLS
Comes with wing attachment: It has been designed to be used as a pull-up/ chin up bar and a push-up bar. It also assumes the function of a foot hold at the time of performing crunches or inclined sit-ups.

Versatile and dependable: Wing attachment can be attached at the top as well as at the bottom of the equipment as per the exercises to be performed.

Ideal for different types of exercises: Total Gym XLS is ideal for leg pull accessory and ribbed squat stand.

Add-ons: It comes with five workout DVDs, exercise chart, training deck, and diet planning guide. Two ankle cuffs are also given as part of the package.



Provided with robust push-up and pull-up bar: Vigorfit comes with strong and durable push-up and pull-up bar that provide comfortable foam grips. They prevent the user from experiencing discomfort and inconvenience while exercising.

Comes with a range of add-ons: Vigorfit is available with the following attachments:

  • Weight bar with free metal spring style weight clips
  • Dual leg rope system
  • Pilates shoulder pads
  • Sit up station
  • Toe bar
  • Soft padded durable foot platform squat board
  • Also comes with ergonomically designed pad for added comfort.


Compare Exercises you can do: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III Exercises

It facilitates performing workouts with the help of exercise cards that are designed to allow users to personalize and track training program. All the user has to do is choose from exercises like warm-up/ cool down program and total body circuit program and get started with workout. It also provides for performing full ranges of exercises for every set of muscles and also to strengthen and tone up and build flexibility.


Total Gym XLS Exercises

It is provided with a complete set of training and workout tools, which include the following:

Start It Up: Introductory Total Gym XLS workout.

6-8 Minute Workout: 12 work-along workouts that save time and yet are effective.

Smart Training Workout: A workout system that offers slow, precise exercise movements to target specific muscles.

Body Makeover for Total Gym: High-energy powerful workout.

At-a-glance exercise wall chart with 35 exercises

Total Gym training deck

80 exercises to work major muscle groups like cardio, strength training, circuit training and stretching.


Vigorfit Exercises

Strength Training: Offers up to 440 lbs. of dynamic body weight resistance and built-in resistance
for strength training

Pilates: It comes with a complete Pilates Kit and Detailed Pilates Instructions ideal for strengthening and extending muscles, shaping up the body and for losing weight. It offers focused

Core Training: The Vigorfit Gym makes strengthening your core muscles easy and convenient.

Cardiovascular Fitness: It offers effective muscle training and also multiple cardiovascular options to increase heart pumping as well as to reshape and lose weight.

Weight Loss: Vigorfit functions on the basis of the proven fact that adding muscle is the key to lose weight. It also aims to help you burn more calories, add muscle with the help of its cardio exercises to burn fat rapidly.

Circuit Training: It comprises a series of total body exercises with little or no break in between, which accelerated the heart rate, burns calories while strengthening and toning the body. It requires very little adjustment between exercises, which saves time and shows results quickly.

Body Building: It offers workouts that aim to build muscle and reshape the body with progressive resistance. It makes the user work out incessantly and perform exercises that challenge muscle. Since it offers up to 440 lbs. of dynamic body resistance and built-in resistance.


Compare Body Parts Targeted: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
It targets upper body part with the help of the following:
Start It Up, the introductory Total Gym XLS workout
Smart Training Workout for gradual, focused exercise movements to target specific muscles
It offers body makeover for total gym via 80 exercises

Total Gym XLS
It has originally been designed as a rehabilitation tool as it gets users to perform smooth, gliding motions. Its makers give the assurance that it is gentle on the joints and its different height levels every fitness level; and the padded glide board provides excellent support for the back.

The makers of Vigorfit guarantee that it is very effective at helping you build lean muscle mass quickly so you shape up and lose weight simultaneously.


Compare Max User Weight Supported: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
It is able to support 400-pound of user weight.

Total Gym XLS
It supports 400 lbs. of user weight.

It can support 440 lbs. of user weight.


Compare Glide Board Dimensions: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
Its dimensions specs are 14 by 46 inches (W x D)

Total Gym XLS
Its inner rail chrome tubing dimensions are 2″ X 1″ X 43″

It is up to 14 inches wide


Compare Dimensions: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
52 x 21 x 16 inches ;

Total Gym XLS
Dimensions Unfolded: 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H Dimensions Folded: 19″ W x 51″ L x 9″ H

Footprint Opened at Bottom Level 7′ Long x 3’8″ Tall x 27 Wide (with accessories)
Footprint Folded 51″ x 21″ x 8″


Compare Weight: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
108 pounds

Total Gym XLS
83 pounds

80 pounds


Compare Price: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
It is priced at $537.44

Total Gym XLS
It costs $999.50

It costs $477.00 + $44.49 shipping


Compare Warranty: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III
Limited manufacturer’s warranties on parts for one year

Total Gym XLS
Lifetime warranty on its frame and six months warranty on all parts.

Lifetime warranty


Compare Reviews: Total Trainer DLX III vs Total Gym XLS vs Vigorfit

Total Trainer DLX III REVIEW

Brandon Vargas ays in his Total Trainer DLX III review that purchasing it was an ‘unfortunate’ decision. He says it’s not been of any use to him as he is 6’1″ due to which using this equipment is difficult. He says people who are shorter will find it more convenient to exercise with Total Trainer DLX III.

Another user, Orville Collins, has written about Total Trainer DLX III in his review that though its quality is good and its design competent, certain things have missed the mark. He says the hook that holds the cable turns when used, and the cable also slips, which makes it rather risky even though it is sturdy. Though the Total Trainer DLX III is well-constructed, it’s rather large and can’t be accommodated in homes that have large space.

Betsy Lowe, another disappointed user, has pointed out in her Total Trainer DLX III review that instruction material to demonstrate exercises for complex actions like using the toe bar and ab-strap have not been provided. She says that even though it is easy to set it, it is rather heavy and bulky, Some of its parts have Already started wearing off. She’s also complained about jet black wheel residue on the chrome railings she’s started noticing. One of the wheels is also disintegrating, which makes using it a rather uncomfortable experience.

Reginald Sanders, who purchased Total Trainer DLX III has stated in his review that this equipment is rather noisy and lacks basic things needed to make it function well such as a powerful and dependable Velcro strap. He says its foot board rails also bent downward after the first the first time he used it. Since he has a heavily built personality, he feels quite uncomfortable using Total Trainer DLX III since it’s not made for people like him.



Brandon Graham , a disappointed customer, has complained in his Total Gym XLS review that he finds a strong toxic stench emanating from vinyl seating surface. He’s aghast as he also noticed a “Made in China” tag on it. He says it’s a completely ill-designed equipment as it injured his shoulder while exercising. He says he’s never experienced anything as bad with free weights. He says he’d like to advice everyone planning to opt for Total Gym XLS to think more than twice and always bear in mind that it’s not safer than free weights.

Garrett Clarke, another customer who’s been using the Total Gym XLS says in his review that parts like the rollers are good enough and last longer but others like its bed are not up to the mark. It cannot fit in a small room as it’s rather bulky. However, he says that it does provide good resistance, is a well-made equipment which is easy to assemble and allows for different types of exercises.

Eric Allen, a customer who’s used the Total Gym XLS says in his review that being short in stature, less than five feet, his legs are unable to reach the bar. He says that he can’t use the Glide board move, which he finds annoying. He wishes its manufacturers improvise its design and make it flexible enough for people of small built to be able to use it.

Harold Brooks who’s also given his observations for Total Gym XLS, says that unlike free weights, its resistance feature is not constant and cannot be adjusted in small sessions. He says that some exercises which target large muscles cannot get enough resistance from it. He also says that Total Gym XLS is suitable for homes that have limited space available. He also says it’s not very strong and appears to have the capacity to hold up to 400 pounds only.


Vigorfit REVIEW

According to Kevin Brooks, a customer who’s bought Vigorfit recently, states in his review on the same that the machine seems quite solid but if you need instructions about its usage, you’ll be disappointed. He says some of its components, such as its plastic parts, are also not up to the mark. instructions were pretty poor and so tiny that they were very difficult to read.. He’s not too happy with the ropes provided in I; they don’t serve the purpose and keep rubbing the frame frequently.

Janice Phillips, a user who’s been using Vigorfit has written in her review on it that it’s quite easy to assemble. She noticed that its ropes are made from rubber or plastic coated cables but still creaks during use. She doesn’t find it very smooth to use. She says she has to take a lot of care while using it in order to be safe. Further, she says its chest press exercise feature is also not as good as it appears to be.

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