Safe Grabs Silicone Placemat REVIEW

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What is Safe Grabs

It claims to be a silicone mat with a patented design that acts as a splatter guard, trivet, placemat, jar opener, food cover, and more. Safe Grabs alleges to be designed to perform multiple functions. It states to be perfect for use in the microwave to grab hot pots and even cover them as a splatter guard.

Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs CLAIMS

A multi-utility tool – Safe Grabs also promises to be functional as a placemat and a trivet to protect the dining table. It can also cover food items and store them fresh in the fridge. More shall be revealed once Safe Grabs is reviewed.

Patented design – Safe Grabs asserts that its patented raised ridges dissipate and disperse heat keeping its silicone body stays cool to touch. It convinces that its non-slip surface keeps dishes and chopping board in place. Safe Grabs also maintains to provide a perfect grip for opening jars. Such fanciful claims made by Safe Grabs will be only proved once it is reviewed.

Rich features – Safe Grabs guarantees to have an easy-to-clean surface that washes off any food particles over it. It is made using food grade silicone and BPA free too. Tell us how you felt about using Safe Grabs by sending in your reviews.

What do I get?
2 small and 2 large Safe Grab Silicone Mats for $19.99 plus $4.99 p&h at the official website:

Safe Grabs Reviews

Ora Wise, a Safe Grabs customer writes in her review that it is difficult to grab anything with it. She also noticed that the mat picked stains from the food and retained it.

Another reviewer, Jody Dunn, states that Safe Grabs has somehow affected the cooking time. The pre-programmed timers that otherwise work fine do not cook the food well after using it.

A Safe Grabs review by Jo Hines reveals that she faced a similar situation while heating and microwaving food items in the oven. She had to remove Safe Grabs to cook food and says in her review that it kind of defeats its purpose as a turntable placemat.

Donald Quinn, a Safe Grabs customer asserts in his review that it came with a strong smell and might be dangerous for user’s health. As per his review, he soaked Safe Grabs in water to dissipate the smell. He also found that these are very hard to clean.

Gary Soto warns other customers in his Safe Grabs review saying that using these mats in the microwave while making popcorn can either burn them or leave them uncooked. The mat itself had a non-washable black spot on it too.

Another reviewer, Marcia Bailey, complains that Safe Grabs gets hotter than expected and requires some cooling off before handling it. Her review also says Safe Grabs is difficult to wash and retains stains.

One other Safe Grabs review by Opal Hudson reveals that it is a little thick and hard to handle but functioning wise it does work decently.

Safe Grabs Questions & Answers

Q. Is Safe Grabs dishwasher safe?
A. There is no way to know since there is no such claim made in the advertisement. It can be cleaned and wiped with soapy water though.

Q. Is Safe Grabs made from 100% silicone?
A. There is no way to tell but it works ok. Safe Grabs is similar to other silicone products in the market that can be used to hold baking trays, used in microwaves, etc.

Q. Can Safe Grabs be used as a universal pot lid?
A. Safe Grabs is pretty flimsy and does not hold shape or bridge well across the pot rim. This makes it useless as a universal pot lid but works great over the microwave turntable to gather spills and as a mat on the table.

Q. Does Safe Grabs work as a non-slip placemat for dog bowl?
A. Yes, it has a solid grip that helps in keeping bowls and plates in place. It also protects the floor or table when used as a placemat or hot pad.

Q. Is Safe Grabs safe to use in NuWave Infrared Oven?
A. Convection ovens setting work in a different way and when Safe Grabsused on the turntable it can start melting. But otherwise it can be easily used for microwaving food items up to 1200 watts power.

Q. Is Safe Grabs compatible with regular ovens?
A. As per its label, it is only safe to use with microwave oven and nothing else.

Q. Does Safe Grabs come in a bigger size than the ones advertised?
A. No

Q. How is the thickness defined in Safe Grabs?
A. It is a thin silicone mat.

Q. Does Safe Grabs really work as a table top placemat?
A. Yes, after heating food in the microwave Safe Grabs can be used to grab it and directly place it on the table. It is cold to the touch making it safe for the furniture and at the same time provides a non-slip surface so bowls and plates don’t move.

Q. Does Safe Grabs come with a lip or ridge around the edge to stop it from curling up?
A. No, it has a flat design that is built smartly to prevent curling up even at higher wattage.

Q. Can Safe Grabs be used on induction cooktop?
A. No, Safe Grabs is meant to be a splatter shield for microwave oven, a trivet and a non-slip placemat or hot pad for the tables. It even provides a good grip for opening jars and covering stored food items.

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