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About Keyspire Wealth Tour

If you are thinking about investing this is where you need to be – the Keyspire wealth tour.It is Canada’s largest real estate investing event. The co-founderScott McGillivray of Keyspire and host of HGTV’s show income property said that there is lot more to it than half hour show of income property so Keyspire Wealth Tour was an answer to our fans and investors to show them how it really works.

Keyspire Wealth Tour CLAIMS

The event is free which can be attended by anybody and is said to be informative and educational as you learn what does Keyspire do. Also Keyspire wealth tour is a good opportunity for a beginner aiming to do good in the property to learn about real estate and see if it’s right for you. If you are already having property than you can learn what you can do with it and see if you are on the right track and make sure if your property is making money for you.

In the Keyspire wealth tour the experts are expected to walk you through the strategies on how to invest where there are best returns. You will also learn exciting ways to build your wealth through real estate investing using key techniques developed by Keyspire.

You don’t have to have million dollars and it doesn’t matter if you are already an investor or a beginner but if you want your money to work for you Keyspire wealth tour event having a different way of thinking, is an apt place for you to receive investing education.

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  1. RIP OFF!! DON’T BE FOOLED! You will be charmed, given all kinds of wonderful success stories…from rags to riches. They they will pump you up with charismatic main speakers at the 3 day workshop, only to use high pressure sales tactics to get you to spend $20,000 on their membership. They pressure you to sign up at the workshop and save $5,000, saying it will cost you $25,000 after the workshop.

    My experience was more than a letdown from the get go. We signed up in October 2017. The coach they claimed to be so fabulous and would assist and guide us all the way through our first or more investments (one year) was a useless, lazy, unmotivating individual (just a real estate agent with no specific “real estate investment” expertise as we were lead to believe).

    The Membership boasts “access to their hand-picked, well-vetted service providers” in all areas of real estate investment.

    We were hooked up with their “well-vetted” Mortgage Broker company (The Mortgage Management Group (“TMMG”)…what a joke. I set up a telephone meeting with their contact, he didn’t call me then, or after. I had to make numerous calls to finally reach him. I was advised if I submitted my mortgage application and documents by a certain date in December 2017 I could have my approval before the mortgage rules changed Jan 1, 2018. I had my application and documents to them in time. I received an email acknowledging receipt but NOTHING….I contacted them in the new year..having to call and call and email..nothing was done with my mortgage application prior to Jan 1, 2018. Way to sh&t the bed!

    Fast forward to their Investment Summit (Feb 2018, 3 months after we signed up for Membership) This is the even we were told to wait for before making any deals. With still no mortgage approval and not even proper communication from TMMG, (even after I complained to my useless coach) I had to hound down someone from the mortgage brokers to get an answer about my approval. She punched some numbers into a software program and gave me a figure. Not checking my salary or actual ability to carry a mortgage. No details of type of mortgage. NOTHING to give me any reason to believe I could go ahead and confidently and safely move forward on a deal.

    The whole Summit is pitched at individuals and companies WITH lots of money, even though they tell you at the worshop anyone with any financial situation (ok, maybe not bankrupt) can achieve incredible success. Not the case. It was a majority of cocky individuals talking about how they skyrocketed in the real estate market all because of Keyspire. Not one single “average joe” who has made a bit of money….just people living the dream.

    They brag about their wonderful “members only dashboard” on their website offering webinars and “proprietary information” – all of whcih can be found on Google for free. I did not watch any webinars because I never got far enough to need to!

    I attempted to request a refund, but denied based on their 10 day refund policy – LOL – when they themselves tell you NOT to do anything until you attend a Summit!! Not to mention how can you even see what quality of service you are getting in 10 days? Especially when no one returns calls at their hand-picked service providers place of business!


    I am currently in Small Claims Court with them to try to get my Membership money back. I feel very confident on my chances given a recent appearance. All they have to cling to is their 10 day refund policy. But I have my pages of VALID instances of very poor quality service when what was sold to be was a very high, unlike any other quality service, not to mention the VAST number of complaints I have found on various websites INCLUDING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

    I am one person fighting for my justice….WARNING EVERYONE I CAN TO NOT EVEN CONSIDER KEYSPIRE!!!!

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