Kicker Ball REVIEW

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What is Kicker Ball?

Kicker Ball claims to be a fun and exciting ball that swerves, curves and lets you kick like a pro! Kicker Ball alleges that the specially designed panels cause the Kicker Ball to bend, swerve and curve offering you twice the curve and twice the fun than a regular ball.Is it really fun to play with is a question best left to be resolved after analysing Kicker Ball user reviews. It convinces that it is fun for both boys and girls!


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How does Kicker Ball work?

Kicker Ball gives you 3 ways to kick the ball like a professional:
Under the ball: Strike the ball underneath with a high power kick to launch the ball into the sky, and a low power kick to bump the ball over your opponents. Kicker Ball reviews will have to confirm that for us.

Side of the ball: Kicking the ball like this allows you to bend, swerve and curve the Kicker Ball. Kick from the left side to swerve the ball to the right or kick from the right side to curve the ball to the left. Kicker Ball reviews can affirm whether this claim is actually true.

Center of the Ball: Strike the center with your laces and adjust your kicking-power to “knuckle” or bend the Kicker Ball.We will need to look at Kicker Ball reviews to validate this claim too. Order the Kicker Ball today!


Kicker Ball Questions and Answers

Q: I’d ordered for a Kicker Ball but it was delivered deflated. Is that how it is sent?
A: Yes, this ball is usually sent deflated.

Q: If my pet dog pounces on Kicker Ball will it get damaged or punctured?
A: Yes, just like most other balls, this ball may also get damaged or punctured.



Kicker Ball Review

Edgar Miller says in his Kicker Ball review that he gifted it to his nephew because it’s supposed to be a ‘low noise’ ball that won’t disturb the neighbors. However, it turned out to be quite noisy, and whatever they did to lower its volume didn’t work. They’re now using the ball as it is, and hoping it’s not disturbing anyone.

Roberto Watkin, who bought Kicker Ball for his son, has commented in his review about it that it was difficult to fill the ball with air properly right from the moment it was delivered. Upon inspecting, he found it had a hole on it so he put a tape to cover it but after an hour’s use, there was a rip on it. He also noticed a small part of Kicker Ball blue cover peeling within hours.

Glen Daniel, another buyer who’s written his review of Kicker Ball, thinks it is a low quality and sketchy product. He says that it looks lopsided and doesn’t hold air properly. When he tried to pump it up the valve hole collapsed. A week before this happened, he had pumped it with air but it turned flat within hours. He’s totally disappointed and won’t recommend it to anyone.


Kicker Ball Verdict

Kicker Ball is pretty unique in its range of soccer balls due to its custom design that helps in swerving, bending, and curving the ball with ease. It is available on and its own website for a cost that is more or less the same as other professional soccer balls. The ball’s special Aerodynamic Material and special panels do provide hours of joy to children when compared to an ordinary soccer ball. On the basis of 20 customer reviews, it has a 4.0 rating out of 5 to support its functionality. Search for curve-balls, bend-it soccer balls, or curl soccer balls to see a list of similar balls that have slightly different features and variations. Considering the price and design, it does sound like a decent ball for children.


What do I get?
Buy Kicker Ball just for $19.99 | Official Website:

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