JumpStart Flashlight REVIEW

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What is JumpStart Flashlight?

JumpStart Flashlight claims to be a pocket-size rechargeable tactical flashlight and a jump-start power charger all in one! The JumpStart Flashlight states that it is perfect for on the go! It promises to charge your phone, laptop and tablet, jump start your car, inflate your tire, jump start a boat, inflate a raft, jumpstart an ATV, and inflate a mattress and so much more!Such claims of the JumpStart Flashlight do sound very helpful but does it really work is a question better left to JumpStart Flashlight user reviews.




How does JumpStart Flashlight work?

It emphasizes that its extra bright LED light can be seen up to 2 nautical miles away. At this point of time there are no JumpStart Flashlight reviews to verify this claim.

It also declares its SOS signal and strobe features disorient and neutralize intruders so you always stay safe. It claims to be a “Must Have” Tool in every vehicle. It does sound useful;JumpStart Flashlight reviews will expose it soon.

It also promises to hold its charge for up to 6 months. As of now there are no JumpStart Flashlight reviews to verify this claim.

It states that it works in extreme weather conditions so you can use it in hot or cold weather.Does it sound too good to be true? JumpStart Flashlight reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Compact and Lightweight
The JumpStart Flashlight asserts that it is easy to store so you can keep it in your trunk or glove compartment.
Order the JumpStart Flashlight today!


JumpStart Flashlight Questions and Answers

Q: Can I charge JumpStart Flashlight from a USB port like a cell phone?
A: No it is basically a jump starter and charger for your USB devices.

Q: How do I charge my JumpStart Flashlight?
A: You need to connect it by plugging it in an outlet to charge it.

Q: Can I charge my car battery with it?
A: No, Though it can get the car engine started, it’s better to avoid it.

Q: Where is JumpStart Flashlight made?
A: It’s made in China.

Q. Is this flashlight portable and safe to carry to different places?
A: Yes, it is portable and safe to carry around.

Q: What type of battery is used in JumpStart Flashlight?
A: Polymer lithium battery

Q: Does this flashlight work properly during the cold season?
A: Yes, it works properly when the temperature range is between -20℃ to 60℃.

Q: Can you charge it by plugging into home electric outlet?
A: Yes, it can be charged in this way.


JumpStart Flashlight Review

Ada Cannon says in her JumpStart Flashlight review that she’s totally disappointed with its performance. She had to charge the unit completely after delivery and even after charging it completely, she could smell its battery melting. Her vehicle is not a large one but she couldn’t start it even after trying it a number of times after using JumpStart Flashlight.

Sheldon Frank has noted in his JumpStart Flashlight review that it is not a perfect product. He charges it overnight and it still does not work. He found its AC cord faulty and when he changed it and tried using a different cord it still couldn’t charge.

Alison Fleming was happy initially with JumpStart Flashlight but later she also found the power cord faulty. According to her, it is not compatible with other adapters and the cord length is also too short to be used conveniently.

Steve Chambers, another customer, calls the JumpStart Flashlight a waste of money in his review. Its cable doesn’t fit, and when its battery drained, it started melting after a few uses. He says he won’t recommend it to anyone.

Monica Pena, who used JumpStart Flashlight for the first time, says its charging ports do not work properly and its battery also started melting within a few days. She also finds its cable connector too short. She says she tried connecting it with other adapters but could not manage. JumpStart Flashlight, she asserts, is just a waste of money and time and not worth recommending at all.


What do I get?
JumpStart Flashlight just for $59.97 at the Official Website: JumpStartFlashlight.com

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  1. JumpStart Flashlight REVIEW | February 3, 2018 at 4:44 pm | Reply

    Versatile Solution you can Count on
    JumpStart Flashlight is an innovative emergency flashlight that can charge several devices and even jumpstart a car. JumpStart Flashlight promises your life will be much easier and safer if it’s kept handy always. Its makers claim that it is a compact and resourceful emergency flashlight that performs the several charging tasks that can jumpstart cars besides powering phones, laptops and other devices.

    Handy, Brighter and Convenient
    JumpStart Flashlight is no bulky and heavy flashlight but easy to use and portable. It can fit a glove compartment where it can be stored for convenience or carried around easily in a bag. It is also much brighter as it feature a superior quality LED light. The range of JumpStart Flashlight is also much greater as compared to others besides being suitable for a variety of things like ATV batteries, boat, raft, etc. and more with it.

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