Identitoy Baseplate

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What is Identitoy Baseplate?
It is a toy baseplate that displays vivid images of scores of colors and landscape designed to be used with Identitoy.

A Canvas to Build Creativity on
Identitoy Baseplate is a part of the famed Identitoy game created as a surface on which kids can erect parts of toys to create innovative structures. The makers of Identitoy Baseplate project it as a blend of the real and the virtual through its specially created app that infuses its base with rich, colourful images of different shades and backgrounds. Android or apple tablets can be used as its ground by placing on it the constructions you set up separately. Different sceneries such as waterfall, lush green hills, sand and just about any background you need to build can be recreated at the base with Identitoy Baseplate.

Build your Own Colorful Creations
Identitoy Baseplate encompasses the Build-Choose-Set-Create technique that blends the tangible and the intangible and makes the structures you conceive come alive. The images in the baseplate are in background as well as in the foreground, which lends it an even more vivid look. Man-made constructions like railway tracks, games, etc. can also be created on this baseplate for unending moments of fun.

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