Thumblock REVIEW | Bio-metirc Lock As Seen On TV |

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What is ThumbLock?

It is a state-of-the-art lock that operates with bio-metric memory scanner instead of keys, secret combination codes, Wi-Fi and apps.


ThumbLock Bio-Metric Lock CLAIMS

Complete Security Minus any Hassles – ThumbLock is an innovative manufactured hi-tech lock that does not work with keys, codes or the highly advanced apps for operating them. Instead, it features an advanced bio-metric memory scanner that stores your fingerprint and is surrounded in silicone. ThumbLock has an anti-shim mechanism that maximizes security and convenience, features steel shackle and is made entirely of stainless steel besides being water-resistant, which make it durable and strong.

Reliable, Effective and Sturdy – The makers of ThumbLock proclaim that it is the ultimate convenient safety solution as all you have to do is use your thumb to make it work and be sure you face no risk of hackers breaking into your security system or Wi-Fi connectivity. Using this lock also saves you the trouble of memorizing your combination code as you don’t need any. Also, ThumbLock can be operated by eight different users whom you can trust, which means it can be opened only by trusted individuals in your absence. The lock can be used just about anywhere such as school, gym or college for your convenience.

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