Paw Perfect REVIEW | As Seen On TV Pet Nail Trimmer Review

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What is Paw Perfect?

It is a nail clipper for pets that trims their nails without causing them injury or pain and saves you from hiring expensive pet grooming services.



Trim your Pets’ Nails Right at Home Now
Paw Perfect is a special instrument that claims it will help you cut your pet animals’ nails all by yourself quickly and easily painlessly. Trimming pets’ nails with regular clippers can be a task prone to hurt pets but this tool guarantees there will be no pinching or snipping into their nerves and delicate skin. Paw Perfect claims it is gentle on nails as it trims and files them so smoothly that pets experience no pain and hurt but stay calm and accommodating.

Paw Perfect Pet Nail Trimmer
Amazingly Convenient, Time-Saving and Inexpensive
The Paw Perfect secret, its makers assert is the combination of rotary filing action (gentle filing features with rotating head that replaces cutting of nails) and three safety guides that prevent over-grinding. Further, it has a rubberized grip and built-in light which let you hold it steadily and ensure you don’t go wrong. In addition, Paw Perfect also cuts down the huge amount you shell out for pet grooming services as you can do it yourself with this implement right at home.


What do I get?
1 Paw Perfect for $19.99 USD t the Official website:

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  1. Ben Giesbrecht | December 3, 2018 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    I placed an order Nov. 16 th, with pawperfect, it says delivery in two to three weeks. It is Dec. 3rd today so I phoned but was told it is on back order. Why the hell couldn’t they contact me and let me know? it was a x-mas present but I likely won’t get it on time now, if at all. I will never order from you again.

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