Good Hangups

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About Good Hangups

Good Hangups asserts to be a stickers and magnet set that can turn any surface – walls, glass, tiles, bricks, concrete, textured walls – into a magnet board instantly to put up your posters, prints, pictures, and cards. Good Hangups promises to be removable and reusable and does not leave adhesive residue behind on the surface or poster.

How does Good Hangups work?

The secret of Good Hangups is alleged to be in its patent pending MagnetStickers that adhere to the surface and turn it into a magnet board. Just stick the stickers on the surface, put your art up, and secure it with magnets corresponding the stickers. You can take Good Hangups off and put a new art within three minutes any time.

Turn any surface into
With Good Hangups, you are guaranteed to hang your posters, art, photos, cards and more on a wall or any other surface without having to drill a hole and damage or spoil it. Good Hangups assure to turn tons of surfaces such as bricks, textured walls, glass, tiles, wood, or refrigerators into a magnet board in seconds. Good Hangups emphasizes that you can stick the MagnetStickers to the surface, put up the poster or photo on it and secure it with the magnet provided with the set. There are no user reviews of Good Hangups to verify these claims.

Multipurpose and universally-sized
Good Hangups maintains to be reusable and removable so you can change the look of your room within minutes as many times as you please. Good Hangups also declares to leave no adhesive residue on the surface or the poster so they will never look unsightly. How far these claims are true will be known with more Good Hangups user reviews. Good Hangups convince to be more useful to you than just for decorative purposes. You can hang your school or college timetable, gym schedule, reminders, maps, projects, and a lot more. Good Hangups promises to be universally-sized and hang photos, posters, and more of up to 24” X 36”. Is Good Hangups so versatile? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?
Buy Good Hangups just for only $ 19.99

2 Comments on "Good Hangups"

  1. After a while the magnets started falling off the refrigerator and my pictures came down.

  2. Guinnevere Isola | February 5, 2017 at 3:13 pm | Reply

    GoodHangups is amazingly one of the best inventions ever made. It works with any flat surface and is very useful at home. Now I can stick anything without worrying 🙂

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