FRENDS Headphones

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About FRENDS Headphones

FRENDS Headphones claim to be headphones created to sound great and look fashionable. The headphones declare to be so stunning that they are popular with fashionistas, celebrities, creatives and taste-makers all over the globe.


How do FRENDS Headphones work?

FRENDS Headphones guarantees to combine rich sound quality, jewelry-inspired materials, and aesthetics looks to make it a chic, great-sounding and comfortable set of headphones. FRENDS Headphones claims to constantly innovate and come up with a new style of headphones practically every week.


Sleek headphones with rich sound
FRENDS Headphones promise to combine crisp sound with sleek look so that they are a favorite with the who’s who of the glam world whether celebrities, fashionistas, or creatives and taste-makers such as Rihanna, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and so on. To meet different tastes, FRENDS Headphones maintain to come in different sizes and styles such as Glitterbomb, Rose Gold, Vintage, Kandy Land and so on. Whether the large-size, over-the-ear fit Taylor range or the smaller over-the-ear fit Layla range, the headphones convince to offer full noise cancellation. FRENDS Headphones also come in ear buds and extremely chic interchangeable colorful cap sets in different colors and styles to change the look every day. Does FRENDS Headphones really have such a wide range of headphones? Let’s wait for user reviews to reveal more.


Premium make and comfortable
The headbands of FRENDS Headphones are assured to be made of genuine leather and are adjustable. They emphasize to be as much about comfort as about chick look. The memory-foam ear cushions of FRENDS Headphones allege to add comfort, which is further enhanced by its angled profile that can be comfortably worn even with earrings. FRENDS Headphones guarantee to be easily foldable, making them travel-friendly. These claims make the headphones too good to be true and more will be revealed with FRENDS Headphones user reviews. FRENDS Headphones state to have a 3-button mic with volume, music and phone control. Unlike traditional headphones, the cord of FRENDS Headphones does not tangle since it is covered with fabric. Send us your reviews if you found FRENDS Headphones that impressive.

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