Glow n Go Leash REVIEW

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What is Glow n Go?

Walking your dog at night is a fun but walking on poorly lit streets can prove dangerous. Now there is a safety accessory for your dog that will protect him when you walk him at night. Here’s introducing the Glow ‘N’ Go leash, a reflective dog leash that is an essential safety accessory for your pet! With the Glow ‘N’ Go leash both you and your pet can be safe and be seen!

Glow n Go Leash CLAIMS

Increases visibility
When walking your pet at night an oncoming driver may not see you and your dog because of poor street lighting but the Glow ‘N’ Go leash features a durable, stretch high tech reflective material that increases visibility up to 10x.

Convenient handy compartment
The Glow ‘N’ Go leash also includes a handy compartment to store a water bottle, dog waste bags, dog treats, cell phone, and so much more.

Handy key clip
The Glow ‘N’ Go leash is designed with a handy key clip that is ideal for your house key or to hook your leash to a post or belt loop so you can walk your dog handsfree.

Washable and weather resistant
The Glow ‘N’ Go leash is washable and weather resistant too!
The Glow ‘N’ Go leash lets you walk your dog with confidence and keeps you from worrying about his safety!
Order the Glow ‘N’ Go leash today!

Glow n Go Leash Review

Glow n Go Leash user reviews assert that the Glow n Go Leash was used every day for a year, but the clip broke. Glow n Go Leash itself was still in decent shape but was not reflecting very much anymore.

Pros of the Glow n Go Leash: The handle of the Glow n Go Leash is nice and padded. The D right to hang the clean up bags on is nice. The clip (where it connects to the collar) is very heavy duty.

Cons of the Glow n Go Leash: For a little puppy the clip is too heavy duty, it weighs down her collar. Also, the main selling point of the Glow n Go Leash is the reflective strips, which claim to “glow”. They don’t glow – they don’t even reflect!

The Glow n Go Leash has minimal reflectivity!!!
The Glow n Go Leash is too large. Had to return the Glow n Go Leash.
A 3 month old pup16 lb. has been able to chew the Glow n Go Leash to pieces. In less than a week, the “reflective material” peeled off and the rubber liner on the handle is unglued.

The Glow n Go Leash is of poor quality. Glow n Go Leash is cheap, lightweight material, stiff and has an uncomfortable feel.

Love the handle. The Glow n Go Leash itself is very rough and not comfortable to hold.

The Glow n Go Leash is thin and lightweight (good or bad depending on type of dog). Handle has a good grip – not too thick.

The Glow n Go Leash is paper thin material and started already fraying after a few weeks of use.

The Glow n Go Leash appeared well constructed with some nice features like the ring for waste bags and thick padding along handle. Used the Glow n Go Leash for less than 3 months and was disappointed to have it break during a normal walk about quarter length from the end.

The Glow n Go Leash is a very comfortable, good-looking leash. It is a bit thin which may not work for everyone. Your dog may destroy it simply hewing it.

First of all, the Glow n Go Leash doesn’t glow whatsoever! Some people mentioned the thread glows – but don’t even see that! the Glow n Go Leash is so disappointing.

Ordered the medium Glow n Go Leash which was supposed to be 5 feet long but received the 4 feet one, which is the size of the small (the package said medium). Really wanted to get the large, 6-foot leash, but was concerned that the clasp on the longer leash would be too big and heavy for a 20 pound dog. But now the leash is even shorter than the shorter leash.

The clasp of the Glow n Go Leash is pretty big and heavy.

Finally, the “padded” handle is not all that padded, and it’s kind of stiff. It is, admittedly, better than the ones with no padding at all. But the “annoying old leash” has much more padding.

The Glow n Go Leash is very thin and does not seem to be very durable. When a 60 pound lab grabbed it with her teeth, the material already showed signs of deteriorating. The picture makes this leash seem much thicker and more durable than it is upon receipt.This Glow n Go Leash would be fine for an older dog or a small dog that does not pull however not for a 1 year old lab.

Like most fabric leashes, the Glow n Go Leash doesn’t hold up to a chewer.

Really appreciate how reflective the Glow n Go Leash is, however it seems to fray at the edges quickly.

Glow n Go Leash Questions and Answers

Q. Will the Glow n Go Leash work for a 130 pit bull?
A. No, the Glow n Go Leash is a high quality leash but the leash is not thick enough.

Q. Is the Glow n Go Leash strong enough for heavy chewers?
A. Don’t think so.

Q. How reflective is the Glow n Go Leash? Do they really protect pets walking at night?
A. Better to have the Glow n Go Leash than the regular non-reflective leashes.

Q. Is the Glow n Go Leash strong enough?
A. The Glow n Go Leash is just OK, haven’t tried it with heavier dogs.

What do I get?
Buy Glow n Go Leash just for only 12.99 + S/H 7.99. Official

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  1. I love this Glow N Go leash I have 3 dogs and all have one and I love it!

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