Tough Max Torch REVIEW

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What is Tough Max Torch?

Tough Max Torch is a super bright, tough, sturdy and powerful LED flashlight that emits up to over a staggering 6000 lux of brightness, 14x brighter than a standard torch.



Tough Max Torch CLAIMS

Sturdy and Durable
Featuring an aluminum body, the Tough Max Torch is so strong, it’s built to last. Tough Max Torch is virtually indestructible, so no matter what height you drop it from it will stay in one piece and in working condition.


Water resistant
Tough Max Torch is water resistant too so it will stay shining bright under water too.


Great for all
Tough Max Torch is great for power cuts at home, great for outdoors, while walking your dog, camping and so much more! With just a push of a button, the Tough Max Torch gives you an ultra bright light that turns darkness into light.


5 dynamic light modes
Tough Max Torch features 5 dynamic light modes: low, medium and high. There is also a strobe function that, at the press of a button, puts a bright, flashing strobe right in your hand. And an SOS flashing signal in case of an emergency. Use this signal to catch the attention of potential rescuers a long way away if your car is broken down or you are lost. Tough Max Torch is so powerful you can see it from miles away.


Adjustable focus
Tough Max Torch is designed with an adjustable focus from spotlight to floodlight. Tough Max Torch lets you control the illuminating power with a zooming-focus that lets you focus the light for a wide, room-flooding, light or a narrow, highly-specific, spotlight for close-up tactical work.

Tough Max Torch is the perfect torch to fit in your pocket or purse but has the illumination power to brighten an entire room with light. Order the Tough Max Torch today!

Tough Max Torch Review

According to the Tough Max Torch reviews the Tough Max Torch is nice but frequently shuts off and/or changes modes with the slightest motion.

Tough Max Torch is a great light, just has the battery shaking inside. Not tight enough.

The control of the different modes is annoying. When the Tough Max Torch flashlight is switched it on it will often be in the next mode, and you will have to cycle all the way through to get back to the one you want. Also the zoom sliding could be tighter.

Bought the Tough Max Torch for use at night for walking the dog, it’s really bright when charged, but it burns through batteries quickly. Had it for only 2 months and have had to change the batteries 3 times because the light has become so dim that it’s almost pointless.

Diameter of plastic sleeve too small and therefore the water proof feature nullified.

Tough Max Torch is a decent light for the car or home as a quick light to grab. You can’t beat the frame as it seems indestructible. Only reason for three stars is it doesn’t seem as bright as the stated lumen.

Tough Max Torch is a low light. The Tough Max Torch flashlight is supposed to be strong and bright. It is neither.

Used AAA batteries but something is definitely wrong with the Tough Max Torch flashlight. First, when you move the Tough Max Torch flashlight faster than a snail moves, it either flickers or changes settings. Not sure if this company ensures the best way to use it is with its own battery but with the AAA, it just doesn’t work right
Tough Max Torch is very bright but burned through the batteries and was next to dead after 1 hour. Also it was in and out, flickering with varying power.

The Tough Max Torch flashlight worked great for about 2 weeks before it all of a sudden stopped working. The best you get is a quick flash before it turns off again. It’s a shame – it was great while it lasted.

Really disappointed with the Tough Max Torch because of its malfunction, the flickering, switches functions.

Bought two Tough Max Torch flashlights, one of them works perfectly but the other one flickers and also changes modes on its own without even pressing the button. Tried switching batteries and tightening up the top part but nothing helps.

Ordered two Tough Max Torch lights, one works fine, the other is D.O.A. The problem is with the button-switch, either need a replacement light or simply the base assembly which houses the switch.

Tough Max Torch did not work at all, had to return it.
Battery case was loose right from the start. The flashlight flickered off and on. Tried encasing it with tape but that only worked for a couple of weeks.

Used the Tough Max Torch flashlight for walking the dog in the dark since daylight ends soon now, hang it on a retractable leash. There are a couple issues with the Tough Max Torch:
– As the torchlight swings hanging from the leash holder, the front lens gets loose and falls out often
– As it swings, the battery holder doesn’t make good contact with the rest of the torch so the light goes on and off sporadically (when this happens it will also change the mode, like if you pushed the power button)
– It is not very bright even on the high brightness setting. The light is also a cold bluish color which makes it look even less bright
– Very heavy for a torchlight
On/off switch of the Tough Max Torch broke on first use!

Tough Max Torch does give off a bright light, it’s just not very long range and the variations of light settings change without pushing the button.

Tough Max Torch worked great for about the first two months. After that the Tough Max Torch flashlight just kept getting dimmer (rarely used it so the batteries were not worn out). Now the switch doesn’t work well at all.

The mechanism for getting different modes on the Tough Max Torch flashlight is cumbersome.

Tough Max Torch is not very bright- batteries died quickly and now the flashlight flickers (not in the strobe setting) and shuts off.

Tough Max Torch Questions and Answers

Q. How do I insert the regular batteries into the Tough Max Torch?
A. The end of the Tough Max Torch unscrews – has a 3 battery container that the batteries are inserted into.

Q. Will the Tough Max Torch flash light be able to survive a few drops?
A. Not really

Q. Is the Tough Max Torch turned off by a clicky tail cap at the end of the flashlight?
A. Yes it is.

Q. Can anyone adjust the brightness of the Tough Max Torch?
A. Yes you can. You have to half-click the button: each time you do this it will take you through a sequence: Dim, Dimmer, Strobe, SOS, and then back to Full Brightness. If you turn off the light and the turn it back on right away, it will move onto the next mode, but you would have to click off and on really fast in order to do that. It’s a great light a great value. Make sure to buy proper protected circuit rechargeable 18650 batteries, not the Outlite or Refun brand. The 18650 is a beast of a battery–much better than the 3 AAA option. For 12 bucks it’s a great light–the ability to adjust the focus of beam is also very handy and something you don’t see in many of the $100 lights.

Q. How durable is the Tough Max Torch flashlight?
A. Tough Max Torch is somewhat durable. Don’t expect much for this price.

Q. What batteries does the Tough Max Torch take?
A. Tough Max Torch takes 1pc 18650 Lithium-ion Battery (Not included) or 3pcs AAA Battery (not included).

Q. Where is the Tough Max Torch made?
A. Tough Max Torch is made in China.

Q. How do you change modes of the Tough Max Torch?
A. Turn the light on with one click, then lightly touch the on off button, you won’t hear a click, but each time you press lightly on the button it will change to the different modes. After you’ve gone through all the modes, press the on off button, and you’ll hear it click, to turn the light off.

Q. How water resistant is the Tough Max Torch?
A. Don’t expect the Tough Max Torch to be a like those expensive braded flashlights, it’s just OK.

Q. Is the switch of the Tough Max Torch` in the tail, or is it on the side?
A. The switch is in the tail.

Q. If I turn the light off, then on again, does it stay in the same light mode or switch to a different mode?
A. If you keep clicking the switch in succession…it cycles through all the modes as long as you keep clicking it. If you on any mode other than high then turn it off and wait a minute and it will default back to high the next time you turn it on. There is no mode memory.

Q. Is the Tough Max Torch equipped with a battery?
A. Don’t remember if the Tough Max Torch came with a battery or not, but it works great with 3 AAAs.

Q. Will the Tough Max Torch fit in a 1” rifle mount?
A. No, it’s too small.

Q. What is the width of the Tough Max Torch flashlight in 0.1mm specificity?
A. The width at the octangular lens is 3.0 mm. and at the circular base is 2.5 mm.

Q. What is the diameter of the Tough Max Torch flashlight?
A. End w/button = 1″ and the focus (Lamp) end = 1 1/2″

Q. How do you get the 5 switch modes to work? Mine just goes on and off.
A. You can switch the 5 modes by slightly press the button when your light is working.


What do I get?
Buy Tough Max Torch just for ONLY £19.99

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  1. Can not get my jml tough max to switch on just put in New batteries

  2. Can not get my Jill tough max to switch on just put in New batteries

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