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About Flexi-Readers

Flexi-Readers state to be flexible and super compact eyeglasses that are always handy and have four magnifying strengths. Flexi-Readers guarantees that you will never forget your eyeglasses at home or will need to hunt for them thanks to its compact design. The compact design of Flexi-Readers proclaims that it goes everywhere you go. Its specially-designed bridge promises to always stay in place and it’s powerful enough to read small print.



Flexi Readers Reviews

Flexi Readers reviews state that Flexi Readers material doesn’t last long and the metal bridge piece fell off and also fail to stay on the nose. After a couple of uses, one needs to be really careful while pulling them out or placing them back in its holder as the lenses can get scratched.

Flexi Readers review asserts that Flexi Readers is highly uncomfortable to wear and doesn’t last long. The design is attractive on paper but in reality doesn’t fit on the nose well. The metal piece connecting the glasses fell off after a couple of uses.

Flexi Readers reviews complaint that Flexi Readers start building deep seated scratches that wouldn’t simply get cleaned or buffed out. Also they are difficult to put on and surely would not work for Asian noses.

Flexi Readers review says that it is painful to use and the nose guard falls off quickly. The springs that connect them to the metal piece also start loosening and finally disconnecting over time. It is too delicate and can fall easily making it vulnerable to breakage. The lenses are also difficult to clean.

Flexi Readers are rough on the skin and don’t grip well on the nose. The case also doesn’t attach easily to any surface.


Flexi Readers Questions & Answers

Q. Is Flexi Readers scratch proof?
A. Flexi Readers are scratch resistant but require care while wearing and should be stored in its pouch.

Q. Are the dimensions of Flexi Readers case too big for a phone?
A. The Safe Silicone Pouch attaches easily wherever required including the phone.

Q. What is the material used for the Flexi Readers lenses?
A. Not sure but could be thermo-injected molded optical grade poly-carbonate lenses used in other similar reader glasses.

Q. Do Flexi Readers fall from the nose while bending?
A. The manufacturer claims Flexi Readers sit securely and comfortably over the nose. But a lot can depend on the shape of the nose too. And reviews mention otherwise.

Q. Will Flexi Readers slide off due to skin oils or stay in place?
A. They are supposed to stay secure with a gripping action that clings to the nose but a good idea is to wipe off the oil before wearing them.

Q .Can Flexi Readers be worn throughout the day?
A. These glasses are flexible and lightweight making them a convenient pair for long-term reading, working on the computer and more.

Q. Can these be placed in the pocket along with its case?
A. Flexi Readers are made using sturdy and flexible material. This is why it can be placed easily inside the pocket, backpack, and purses. It can also be attached to any device or hard surfaces using its pod case.

Q. How many pairs does it come with?
A. Two pairs of Flexi Readers.

Q. Will the bridge be too wide for narrow Asian nose/bridge? Will the bridge of Flexi Readers fit on narrow Asian nose?
A. It can be adjusted to fit most nose bridges. Its flexible design with a naturally inward slanted glasses ensure that it fits any sized nose with ease.

Q. What material are the nose pads made of?
A. They are made of cheap soft plastic material.

Q. Can Flexi Readers be used over regular glasses?
A. No, they need to be placed on the bridge of the nose and will not be able to fit over regular glasses.

Q. Where is Flexi Readers manufactured?
A. China.

Q. How to clean Flexi Readers?
A. Use soapy water to wash them, rinse and clean using a microfiber cloth.

Q. Does it hurt while putting them on?
A. According to the official website the clipping action on Flexi Readers doesn’t exert pressure or pain on the nose. But reviews do mention that they hurt.

Q. Will its case fit the credit card slot in the wallet?
A. Yes

Q. Are Flexi Readers good for reading in bed while lying on one side? Will it stay on in such a position?
A. They stay on moderately and occasionally pop up. But these can be used for night time reading.

Q. Which lens should be used for someone with 1.75 reading strength?
A. Use the 1.50 lens.

Q. What is the weight of Flexi Readers?
A. The only mention is that it is light.

Q. How wide is Flexi Readers?
A. It is approximately 4 inches wide.


Flexi-Readers CLAIMS

The handiest compact eyeglasses – The glasses are small enough to fit into the credit card slot of a wallet or even shirt pocket for easy access and one size fits all. There are no Flexi-Readers user reviews to reveal the truth.

Comfortable to wear for hours – Flexi-Readers asserts that it has no arms so that there’s no irritation and discomfort while wearing them. The eyeglasses assure that the wearer can comfortably wear them for hours. Let’s analyze Flexi-Readers user reviews to know the truth. It guarantees to be super flexible and indestructible so even kids won’t break them. Flexi-Readers is available in four strengths – 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 and emphasizes to be great for reading books, small print or watching TV. Send us your Flexi-Readers reviews.


What do I get?
A pair of Flexi-Readers costs $14.99 + $6.99 P&H | Official Website: FlexiReaders.com

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