Cozy Lotion

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About Cozy Lotion

Cozy Lotion proclaims to be a dispenser and warmer for body lotion that prevents wastage of the last of lotion and keeps it warm.



How does it work

You simply need to plug Cozy Lotion into an electric outlet and fix the bottle. Pressing the pump gets warm lotion out right to the last drop.


Warm body lotion every time
Freezing lotion and struggling to get the last of lotion out by shaking, squeezing hard or cutting the tube will allegedly be a thing of past with Cozy Lotion. The dispenser-warmer convinces to deliver warm lotion to the last drop and works with any bottle or lotion. There are no Cozy Lotion user reviews to verify these claims.


Safe temperature regulated
Cozy Lotion promises to have safe temperature regulation. Since it warms the lotion, you are guaranteed to get open pores and better moisturizing for better skin. Unlike other warmers that need messy transferring of lotion, the dispenser states to need fitting of the bottle. User reviews of Cozy Lotion will reveal the truth. Cozy Lotion maintains to also work baby lotions and sunscreens. You can use it by the sink, bathroom, bedroom, or office. There are no Cozy Lotion user reviews to verify these claims.


What do I get?
Cozy Lotion for $19.95 + $6.95 Processing & Handling

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