Forever Steel Hose REVIEW

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What is Forever Steel Hose

It claims to be a lightweight, ultra-durable, tear resistant, and flexible garden hose made using stainless steel material. It states that its material is weather-proof and UV resistant too. Forever Steel Hose guarantees that it’s the last garden hose you will ever need. Forever Steel Hose alleges to be forged using professional-grade stainless steel material with Advanced Flex-Ridge design to make it ultra-durable and strong.

Forever Steel Hose CLAIMS

Professional-grade hose
Forever Steel Hose assures to stay cool to the touch and is consistent under any weather with its weather-proof and UV resistant material. At this point of time there are no user reviews available to attest to its claims.

Exclusive design
Forever Steel Hose claims to have a durable body which is resistant to tears and corrosion. Forever Steel Hose also promises that its 304 stainless steel material does not tangle or kink easily for easy handling. Currently there are no Forever Steel Hose reviews available that will substantiate with its claims. Forever Steel Hose proclaims to be ideal for all homes and comes in variable sizes and is highly flexible to use around the yard and garden. Did you find Forever Steel Hose really as good as it claims? Send us your reviews.

Forever Steel Hose Review

Neal Stanley, a Forever Steel Hose customer complains in his review that it has a small diameter and hence the flow and pressure of water is less. As per his review Forever Steel Hose is good on paper but it would work better if its diameter was doubled.

Another Forever Steel Hose customer Sophie Kelly reveals in her review that after three uses the hose started to leak. It seems that its fails to connect well.

A Forever Steel Hose review by William beck reveals similar issue about the joints that make the hose leak. In his Forever Steel Hose review, he suggests to tape the watering wand in the open position to ensure that the pressure doesn’t back up in the hose.

One user named Troy Morris warns other users in his Forever Steel Hose review that its metal body is slippery and people who step on it by mistake will fall.

One other review by Tommy Hogan reveals that Forever Steel Hose has very little capacity. Apart from the diameter, he asserts in his Forever Steel Hose review that the connectors on both the ends also have ¼” opening. Such smaller diameter limits the flow of water and is suited only for a low volume irrigation system.

As per reviewer Tracy Castro Forever Steel Hose is convenient and light. Her only concern is the leakage at the connecting ends of the hose.

Denise Fisher though provides a contrasting review of Forever Steel Hose. She says that the hose is similar to any other lightweight hose but its metal body broke apart on the inside within a week.

A customer named Dorothy Frazier says in her review that Forever Steel Hose claims of being super strong are a lie. She ran over it by mistake with a car and it crushed the hose permanently.

A Forever Steel Hose user Maxine Rivera was concerned about the hose’s construction it’s not safe or drinking water. The water stemming from it can be cancerous and is a concern since pets have a tendency to drink from water puddles created by hoses. Her review questions the toxic material used for making Forever Steel Hose.

Another review of Forever Steel Hose by Paulette Bowers asserts that the hose is great for basic purposes. But similar to other reviews, he complains that Forever Steel Hose’s ends start to leak within a week’s use. The issue mentioned in his Forever Steel Hose review is that the green collar ends are attached to the spray handle and cannot be replaced.

Forever Steel Hose Questions and Answers

Q. What is the interior diameter of Forever Steel Hose?
A. This hose claims to have a 5/8” inside diameter but it might be lesser since the outside diameter itself is barely ½”.

Q. What is the difference between the stainless steel grades 304 and 201?
A. The 304 grade stainless steel is highly durable and comprises of nickel and chromium for corrosion resistant properties. The 201 grade stainless steel material has higher levels of corrosion resistant properties making it a less durable material.

Q. What are the burst pressure ratings of Forever Steel Hose?
A. There is no information available but it is suggested that this hose should not be used for higher pressures and longer use.

Q. Can Forever Steel Hose hold up if left under the sun for a couple of hours?
A. No, it might have similar results to other hoses that burst when left in the sun for long.

Q. Will Forever Steel Hose work in cold weather conditions?
A. Chances are that cold weather condition will freeze the water inside and the hose might require some thawing to return to its original shape.

Q. Is the water from Forever Steel Hose safe for drinking?
A. No.

Q. Is there a possibility to attach multiple hoses together for achieve a greater length?
A. Yes, multiple Forever Steel Hose can be easily attached.

Q. What is the liner material in Forever Steel Hose?
A. It comes with a PVC liner.

Q. What type of nozzle do the hose come with?
A. Forever Steel Hose comprises of a fire hose nozzle.

Q. Will Forever Steel Hose work with hot water?
A. No.

Q. Can it be used for power washing?
A. Yes, but it will reduce its life since the quality of the hose isn’t great.

Q. Will Forever Steel Hose rust?
A. The manufacturers claim it will not.

Q. Where is Forever Steel Hose manufactured?
A. It is made in China.

Q. Does Forever Steel Hose require rewinding after each use or is it expandable?
A. It requires rewinding after every use.

Q. Does it have a nozzle attached?
A. Yes.

Q. Can we put a tractor sprinkler over Forever Steel Hose?
A. Yes.

Q. Is Forever Steel Hose safe for connecting domestic water in an RV?
A. No.

Q. Does Forever Steel Hose come with a guarantee?
A. It has a 1 month return guarantee.

Q. Does it gets too hot in the sun and becomes difficult to coil it up immediately after?
A. Yes it gets hot under the sun due to its metal surface.

Q. Can Forever Steel Hose be connected to any other conventional hoses such as rubber or vinyl?
A. Yes.

What do I get?
25 ft. – $19.99 + $6.99 P&H
50 ft. – $39.99 + $7.99 P&H
75 ft. – $59.99 + $8.99 P&H
100 ft. – $79.99 + $9.99 P&H
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