Epilady L5 vs Epilady Drop

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Compare Features: Epilady L5 vs Epilady Drop

Both Epilady L5 and Epilady Drop are epilators that help in removing the finest and shortest of hairs from the roots to give silky, smooth skin for up to 4 to 5 weeks. There are two operating speeds available – the slow speed setting, which is helpful in removing finer hair in delicate areas, and the high speed setting that helps in removing regular to coarse body hair on arms and legs. Both these tweezers come with multiple voltage power adaptors for easy use overseas. Charging takes place quickly for these tweezers with Rapid Charging System in place with an LED charging indicator and an auto-shutoff feature that protects the battery once the charge is completed. The Epilady Drop takes about 2 hours to fully charge and offers 45 minutes of use, while Epilady L5’s fast charging offers 60 minutes of use for two full epilation cycles. Both the systems come with the main unit, cleaning brush, carrying case, and an instruction manual for easy use.

Epilady L5 comes with a wide epilating head to ensure fast and smooth hair removal. This system offers convenient operation since it can be used cordless or with its 8 foot power cord. This unit also ships a Perfect Angle Guide that helps in getting the best epilation results right out of the box.

Epilady Drop is a water-resistant system that can be used in shower for wet epilation too. The ergonomic, patented design of Drop offers comfortable grip even with wet hands. It is designed for cordless use and has a charging stand instead of an adapter for convenient use. There is a convenient loop too for hanging in the shower in between uses. This epilator offers extra comfort with the help of massaging discs and Anti-Pinch Technology (APT) with its epilation head.

Compare Tweezers: Epilady L5 vs Epilady Drop

The two epilators, Epilady L5 and Epilady Drop have 56 stainless steel tweezers discs split into 28 tweezers sets. This amount of discs is almost 40% more than previous model Legends by Epilady.

Compare Tweezes: Epilady L5 vs Epilady Drop

Epilady L5 – 56,000 tweezes per minute.

Epilady Drop – 64,000 tweezes per minute.

Is it rechargeable?

Yes, both Epilady L5 & Epilady Drop are completely rechargeable and have a fast charging option.

How long does it take to recharge?

They both come with Rapid Charging System although Epilady Drop states that it takes 2 hours to charge fully.

How long does the charge last?

Epilady L5 – The battery provides 60 minutes of use that gives two epilation cycles.

Epilady Drop – It can go up to 45 minutes of use.

Is it wet and dry?

Epilady L5: No information available

Epilady Drop: The epilator is compatible for wet and dry use.

Can you use it in shower?

Epilady L5: No information available.

Epilady Drop: Yes.

What body parts can’t it be used on?

These epilators can be used for almost all parts of the body including the arms, legs, underarms, bikini, and face.

Compare Cord length: Epilady L5 vs Epilady Drop

Epilady L5 – It has a 8 foot long power cord.

Epilady Drop – It has a cordless design.

Compare Warranty: Epilady L5 vs Epilady Drop

Both Epilady L5 and Epilady Drop come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty each.

Compare Price: Epilady L5 vs Epilady Drop

Epilady L5: $69.99

Epilady Drop: $99.99

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