SensaClean Ionic Brush REVIEW

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About SensaClean

SensaClean claims to be a revolutionary toothbrush that uses Ionic Technology to reduce gum and tooth erosion. Its design asserts to have a gently cleaning effect that reduces soreness and sensitivity on the gums.


How does SensaClean work?

The Ionic cleaning action of SensaClean states to release the ionic bond between the plaque and the teeth. The technology allegedly loosens the plaque gently and removes it off by simply brushing.

SensaClean Improves Oral Care – SensaClean promises to remove plaque from the teeth that is otherwise hard to clean and doesn’t go even with the toughest bristle, while reducing sensitivity pain, abrasion, and erosion caused by traditional toothbrushes. This is claimed to be made possible with the Ionic Technology in the revolutionary toothbrush. How far this is true will be revealed with SensaClean user reviews.

Comfortable Design – The bristles of SensaClean are emphasized to be rounded. Such a design ensures that the bristles are comfortable to use by the most sensitive of individuals and at the same time offers complete cleaning. The patented technology assures that SensaClean is completely safe for oral care and is American Dental Association (ADA) approved. The efficiency of SensaClean will be only proved once we get to analyze user reviews. Another advantage that it convinces to bear is the fact that it doesn’t require plugs, chargers, or batteries to function. Additionally, it promises to work with all types of toothpaste available in the market. Did you find SensaClean helpful for cleaning your teeth? Send us your reviews.

SensaClean REVIEW

A SensaClean review by Hubert Little states that it might not be the right ionic toothbrush to choose. His problem is that there is no way to choose the bristle density as per the user’s choice.

Delbert Miles, a SensaClean reviewer, reveals that he doesn’t see any difference between his regular toothbrush and this one. According to his review, SensaClean might be a scam and not really possess any such technology.

As per Jim Romero’s SensaClean review, it isn’t great and doesn’t work as expected. He switched back to a standard toothbrush since it failed to clear the plaque.

A customer named Lila Daniel complaints in her SensaClean review that it is ineffective at clearing the food out of the shallow pockets of molars. Her review expresses disappointment since she spent on SensaClean and received no results.

Alicia Parker had similar concerns in her SensaClean review. She mentions that there was no tremendous change offered by this toothbrush. She suggests other users to not waste money on it.

Another reviewer, Justin Gill, criticizes SensaClean by saying it is no better than a manual toothbrush. He failed to see any difference and in fact felt that his mouth wasn’t clean nor was his breath fresh. His SensaClean review says that this technology might be effective on paper but failed to perform.

Mamie Ward calls it a gimmick in her SensaClean review and says that it isn’t enough to whiten the teeth or prevent cavities. She recommends this brush only for dry brushing along with an electric toothbrush.

SensaClean Questions and Answers

Does SensaClean require any battery or charger?
No, it is a manual toothbrush.

Can SensaClean work on crowns, bridges and partial dentures?

Can SensaClean be used with toothpaste?
Yes, it is necessary to use toothpaste along with SensaClean since it helps in addressing issues of plaque and bacteria together.

Is SensaClean effective at whitening the teeth?
There is no mention of such an outcome after using SensaClean. The toothbrush is marketed only for plaque removal. Teeth’s whitening is something users should consult the dentist with to understand the products properly.

Will SensaClean loosen the fillings in the teeth too with its ionic technology?
No, but for surety one can always consult the dentist before using it.

How does the ionic action in SensaClean work?
SensaClean is manual and uses metal conductor rods to perform the ionic action. The middle of the plastic handle conceals a conductor rod and connects the bristle portion to the battery. The second conductor or metal strip is also connected to the battery. When a user grasps SensaClean by the handle, the metal strip gets connected and electric circuit forms through the body, teeth, and the conductive rod. Such ionic action weakens the electrostatic bond that loosens the tartar stuck on the teeth. It uses the electricity generated by body hence it will conduct only when the users use it.

Where is SensaClean manufactured?
It is made in China.

Does SensaClean come with replacement heads? And if yes how often should they be replaced?
No, it has a fixed head.

What is the way in which one can find out if SensaClean is working?
The idea behind this toothbrush is to reduce plaque and tartar. A reduction in a consistent use means the brush is performing its job.

Does SensaClean come with rounded bristles?
Yes, the rounded bristles are offered for comfortable and gentle brushing.

Is there are a comparable result of SensaClean with Philips Sonic or Braun Oral B?
SensaClean uses Ionic Technology to attract and loosen the plaque easily. It doesn’t require any battery or charge and has a patented design that is ADA approved. Sonic is proven to remove the plaque and tartar by shaking and vibrating it off its position. It works like magnetic copper gloves that use sonic action to remove stuck-on food easily. Oral B is a regular toothbrush with a design that reaches every corner effectively for a thorough cleaning.

What do I get?
Buy SensaClean for $9.99 + FREE SHIPPING at

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