Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

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Compare what is it? Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
This new fitness system functions on Hybrid Velocity Training that combines cardio and strength together. The Bowflex HVT provides full-body workout quickly and effectively. It is anchored with a Dynamic Coaching System that helps the users go through the entire workout.

Max Trainer
It is a highly-effective weight training machine that combines the benefits of a full-body workout machines such as stair-stepper and elliptical to provide a better and all-round fat scorching result. Bowflex Max Trainer is defined as 70 percent stair-stepper, 25 percent elliptical and five percent torture in a good way to get definite weight loss results.

Revolution Home Gym
This revolutionary top-of-the-line home gym harnesses the power of SpiraFlex technology to help provide a total body workout. It increases strength of the user and helps keep track of their fitness goals.


Compare what does it do? Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
It is a workout machine that provides comprehensive workout right at home. Bowflex, founded in 1986, is famous for their hybrid home workout machines and provides innovative designs with every new series. The Bowflex HVT hires the principle of Hybrid Velocity Training that provides a dual-action workout. It incorporates both cardio and resistance training at the same time to offer total-body workout while reducing the overall workout duration considerably. The idea behind this HVT system is to provide fat burning and sculpting new lean muscle mass at the same time for an all-round result.


Max Trainer
This machine works similar to an elliptical trainer where the feet move in circular or oval motions to deliver great workout without impacting the joints. The Max Trainer by Bowflex claims to be a bit different from elliptical since it also works the upper body along with the lower body for maximum results.

The system has wide foot planks that provide a stable standing surface and moves in up-and-down with slight forward-and-back motion. The upper body gets continuous workout with the help of arms that move back and forth along with the v-shaped handles that provides various hand positions to intensify the workout as per the user’s preference.

It features a Burn Rate display that shows the amount of calories burned during the workout and also the target exertion range to hit as per the selected program. The resistance levels on the system automatically adjust as per the presets and selection. The Max Trainer also has the option to adjust the resistance manually as per the comfort level with the help of a knob handlebar.


Revolution Home Gym
The Home Gym system is designed around SpiraFlex resistance technology. The use of Freedom Arms ensures that workouts are ultra-smooth with consistent resistance through the entire range of motion. Such an effective set helps in building lean, strong muscles. The Revolution Home Gym system uses lightweight interlocking plates that can be easily and quickly adjusted between 10 to 220 lbs. of resistance for upper body workouts and can be even upgraded to go up to 300 lbs.

Revolution Home Gym is designed to mimic every exercise that is found in the local gym. The Freedom Arms adjust 170 degrees to work on muscles from multiple angles. There are 10 different settings available to quickly change the direction of resistance and the angle worked upon. A leg press plate is made available with five position foot harness for lower body workout. In total, this Bowflex system supports more than 100 exercises including the core and abs.


Revolution Home gym not only helps in full body work out but also provide many more exercises as compared to the other two devices and so can be called a very own home gym device all in one thus Revolution home gym is the winner for us in this category.


Compare Features: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
This system comes with a backlit LCD/LED screen that offers detailed workout information for keeping a track of the workout progress. The system can store and track information of up to 4 users at once while offering current information such as resistance level, calories burned and total power score on the LCD interface. Bowflex HVT assesses the workout of each individual with high precision. It studies the cable pull speed, total resistance level, and the range of motion to deduce the power score for each user.

An app is also offered along with the trainer that keeps a tally of the Total Power Score and checks the progress easily. It acts as a fully-functional dedicated artificial intelligence personal trainer for users as it adapts to their specific fitness levels and goals. The app also provides access to more than 50 different training videos that offer comprehensive guides designed by fitness experts for performing various routines perfectly on the HVT. The custom app, compatible with both iOS and Android, can be paired with the HVT platform via Bluetooth.

This system is perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all levels and can help perform Sprint workouts, Muscle Builder workouts, and Circuit workouts along with personalized custom workouts with the help of the app. Also users get access to resistance adjustment via an easy to use power dial along with the option to directly select one of the three built-in workouts.


Max Trainer
Bowflex’s Max Trainer is designed to be compact and uses ultra-small footprint at home for a gym-like quality workout. The intelligent design ensures that apart from the 14-minute Max Interval workout the body also burns calories later. Such an Afterburn Effect is due to the small bursts of activity followed by longer periods of rest that confuses the body and ramps up its metabolism for burning additional calories even after the workout.

The important feature of Max Trainer is that it is ideal for virtually everyone at any fitness level. Max offers a full-body workout that an elliptical fails to provide and engages more core, lower body and 80% more upper body muscles in comparison. Another advantage is that this machine is zero impact compared to other cardio machines such has a treadmill which can have 2X the impact while running at a moderate speed.

Tracking the progress always keeps up the motivation and the machine’s unique Burn Rate indicator provides full control on the workout. Users can check their calories burnt every minute, and check and set the activity level targets. It also provides a free Max Trainer 2 app to further track the progress. It is compatible with Android and iOS and syncs easily with Apple Health.

Bowflex Max Trainer offers the benefits of cardio workout in just 14 minutes duration. It strengthens the heart and lungs and helps in improving the body’s endurance and stamina. Also compared to other cardio machines, it is tested to offer up to 2.5X calories burn per minute. It has been clinically tested to burn up to 600 calories in just 30 minutes.

Another benefit that Max Trainer users gain is free workouts from Daily Burn, a leader in streaming workouts, for 8 weeks. The users also have an access to the full library content that includes over 600 workout videos specialized in HIIT cardio, yoga, strength training, dance, etc.

Bowflex Max Trainer comes in three separate designs – M3, M5, and M7. The M3 has 8 resistance levels while M5 and M7 have 16 levels and 20 computer-controlled resistance levels respectively. Bowflex M3 has 2 workout programs – manual and MAX interval mode. It is the most basic model that offers the standard chest strap heart rate monitor, a water bottle holder, and a media shelf -cum-tablet holder that are common for each of the models. The M5 offers a little extra than these with its 9 workout programs comprising of Manual, MAX Interval, Smart MAX Interval, Calorie Burn, Fat Burn, Calorie Goal, Stairs, Steady State, and Fitness Test.

The machine comes with a backlit display and has premium grips for easy workouts. It also can help sync the progress to an app via its Bluetooth connectivity. The M7 adds to the M5’s feature and provides 11 workout programs that learn and adapt to each of the user’s fitness level and helps set new targets. It features oversized LCD/LED display with dual backlit system. The build of the system is sculpted and dipped with aero handlebars and stainless steel racing pedals. An Add-Time Feature helps in extending the workout with the press of a button. There is an option to track 4 users via profiles and further follow it up on the app via its Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility.


Revolution Home Gym
This system comes with a compact design that takes very little space and assures that it can fit into a corner of a room. It takes about 10’ x 10’ space that offers a total body workout that is achieved in a gym. Revolution Home Gym offers up to 100 possible exercises that help in achieving all gym workouts right at home. The SpiraFlex Resistance Technology uses the same kind of technology that is used by International Space Station. Its resistance mimics real free weight training where the straps get tighter on the coil causing more resistance while performing the workouts. It offers up to 220 lbs. of resistance and can be maximized to go up to 300 lbs.

The exercises are maximized with the help of independently moving Freedom Arms with 10 positions and 170 degree adjustments. There is a Leg Press Station that can work with up to 600 lbs. of resistance and has a range and power similar to an expensive gym machine. The Leg Extension further helps in providing leg workouts. The Vertical Bench Press gives a wide range of exercises and variations right at home. The machine can accommodate users up to 300 lbs of weight and weighs 157 lbs itself. Users can get the optional Preacher Curl Attachment and Gym Style Abs Attachment to maximize the workout. An extra Workout DVD is shipped along for performing workouts on it.


Max Trainer comes with 3 separate designs where each machine has some added feature than the previous one. On the other hand Revolution home gym is an all in one machine which mimics every exercise in the local gym and thus emerges a winner in this category.


Compare Exercises: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
This home training machine offers different types of workouts for different individuals.
A Sprint workout is designed for increasing power, speed, and recovery. There are total 8 exercises to be performed for 20 seconds duration followed by 10 seconds rest for 4 rounds. A 60 seconds break is to be taken after each time. The total duration for this session should last for approximately 18 to 20 minutes. The exercises include – speed squat, chest press, squat jump, bent over row, reverse lunge straight arm pull down, split leg alternating bicep curl, triceps push-down, and squat overhead press.

The Circuit workout focuses on strength, form, and range of motion. It also requires 8 exercises to be performed over 4 rounds. Perform each workout for 25 seconds duration and take a 15-second rest in between and a 20-second break between each round. It should not take more than 21 minutes to complete this workout. The exercises included are – triceps push-down, forward lunge chest fly, crossover reverse fly, split jump, lunge bicep curl, lateral lunge high to low chop, dead-lift, and arm shoulder press split stance.

A Builder routine is designed for those seeking strength and endurance. There are 8 exercises to be performed that are speed squat, chest fly, reverse lunge low row, bicep curl, abdominal chop high to low, crossover reverse fly, combo triceps extension, bicep curl, and forward lunge chest press. Start by performing the first exercise for 30 seconds with 30 seconds’ break in the first round and keep adding one exercise till all are finished by the eighth round. It should take about 21 to 30 minutes for completing this exercise routine.

Those individuals who are seeking to create a custom workout system out of the Bowflex HVT can create their own workouts using the Manual mode. They can choose from the 50 exercises listed in the training guide or the HVT app. It includes 17 full body, 25 upper body, 5 lower body, and 3 core workouts along with time required for each totaling up to 99.59 minutes. During manual mode the trainer will count the total time, workout time while the fan is moving and the total power applied.

The key to an all-round workout is Cardio and Strength that the Bowflex HVT provides. IT combines both these key workouts and makes it fast and effective with its smart design. This means it helps in building muscle and burns fat at the same time for a fit, lean, and sculpted body. Plus, the entire workout takes around 18 minutes that saves time going to the gym and performing workouts for more than an hour for a similar result. This Hybrid Velocity Training combines short bursts of cardio with full-body dynamic movements for maximizing the muscle activation.

For performing the exercises better, a free training HVT App is provided with personal coaching that guides the users through each workout. It comes with the 3 pre-programmed workouts discussed above or a Manual Mode that offers 50 trainer-led videos that are designed for people at different fitness levels.


Max Trainer
Bowflex Max Trainer comes in three versions – M3, M5 and M7. They each have different workout programs.

The M3 has two workout programs – Manual and Max Interval.
The M5 has 14 minute Interval, Power Interval, Calorie Goal, Steady Pace, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Stairs, Manual, and Fitness Test.

The M7 comes with Max 7 Minute Interval, Max 14 Minute Interval, Max 21 Minute Interval, Power Interval, Calorie Goal, Steady Pace, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Stairs, Manual, and Fitness Test.


Revolution Home Gym
It designed to provide over 100 exercises and 400 different variations. The system utilizes exercises that are effective for weight loss, performance training, strength building, heart rate training, and exercises that help in recovering from injuries. Due to the variety of exercise option offered by the machine, there is no way users will get bored of it.

This well-built, solid home gym system harnesses the power of SpiraFlex resistance system. This innovative system allows the user to feel the resistance during every exercise similar to free weights training. This ensures that the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym works out each and every muscle during the entire exercise whether it involves pressing movement and return or pulling action and its release.


The utilization of revolution home gym is done in such a way that every type of exercise for different purpose can be carried out using this single machine and so is a winner for us in this category.


Compare Resistance: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
It comes with 16 levels of resistance.

Max Trainer
The M3 comes with 8 and M5 comes with 16 levels of resistance. Its M7 series has 20 computer-controlled resistance levels.

Revolution Home Gym
It has an innovative SpiraFlex Resistance system that offers up to 220 lbs. of resistance.

All the machines have more or less same levels of resistance and so any of them can be chosen according to the user’s comfort level.


Compare Material: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

The Bowflex HVT has its entire frame is made of steel.

There is no information available for the Max Trainer and Revolution Home Gym.


Compare Grip Handles: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
This machine features 6 premium handles.

Max Trainer
The M3 series has standard handles; the M5 has upgraded ergonomic grips while the M7 features commercial grade handles with Aero Bar.

Revolution Home Gym
It comes with 2 grip handles.


Compare Max User Weight Supported: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

All the three systems — Bowflex HVT, Max Trainer, and Revolution Home Gym have 300 lbs user weight limit.


Compare Machine Weight: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
It weighs approximately 182 lbs after assembly.

Max Trainer
No information available.

Revolution Home Gym
This system weighs about 336 lbs or 153 kg.


Compare Machine Dimensions: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
65.6″ x 46″ x 83″ (L x W x H)

Max Trainer
M7- 49″ x 30.5″ x 65.5″ (L x W x H)
M5- 46.1″ x 25″ x 62.9″ (L x W x H)
M3- 46.1″ x 25″ x 62.9″ (L x W x H)

Revolution Home Gym
9′ 4″ x 3′ 2″x 6′ 1″ (L x W x H)


Compare Price: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
$1,799 + $200 for Shipping & Handling

Max Trainer
M7 – $2,199.00
M5 – $1,599.00
M3 – $999.00

Revolution Home Gym

The difference in price for Bowflex HVT, Max Trainer M7 and Revolution home gym is very less. If we go by the figure
HVT would be preferable but if considered value for many Revolution home gym is the winner seeing what it has to offer at such a price.


Compare Warranty: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex HVT
Bowflex offers 2 years of warranty on the frame, electronics, mechanical and parts. There is a 90-day warranty on the labor. An additional protection can be purchased via the Bowflex Protection Plan service.

Max Trainer
The M3 has 1 year, the M5 has 2 years and the M7 has 3 years of warranty.

Revolution Home Gym
There is a 10-year warranty on this machine.


Compare Review: Bowflex HVT vs Max Trainer vs Revolution Home Gym

Max Trainer REVIEW

Silvia Burke, a Max Trainer reviewer, reveals that it started to show mechanical problems within the first few months of regular use. After the mechanical problems surfaced, there was constant metallic rattling and crashing that was heard going on inside the machine. As per her review, Revolution Home Gym is not a well-designed machine and should be made using better material to support its smart concept.

Another Bowflex Max Trainer M3 customer complains in his review that the availability of only two user programs makes its use limited. Plus, the software isn’t upgradeable to include new programs if required. Its app isn’t great but is required for checking the progress. His review further adds that the Bluetooth sync is poorly executed and the heart rate monitor doesn’t really provide an accurate output. As per him, Max Trainer fails to offer any accurate calorie burn rate as well.

A review by Javier Mendoza asserts that his back started to hurt badly and he could barely walk after using Max Trainer. He says an elliptical is a better machine since this machine tilts the users forward and strains the lower back.

One other customer, Ronald Burton, writes in his Max Trainer review that its body is flimsy and the plastic bezel that fits over the inner middle area was bent. Now it’s impossible to fit it right on the machine. He also says that the machine has started making a loud noise after regularly using it for a year.

Alexandra Massey warns other users against purchasing Max Trainer. Her review states that 3 of her family members have tried using this machine to no avail. As per her review, it is difficult to get Max Trainer up to the interval training speed required, which is supposedly its selling point. It is also tough on the joints and injured her knee.

A fitness enthusiast, Wilma Blake, exposes Max Trainer in her review. She says that even though the interval training concept is good the machine fails to offer anything for people who are already at intermediate fitness level. Only change in the design of the company will make it happen.

Another Max Trainer review by Irene Pratt claims that it has incorrectly bored screw holes holding the handles that doesn’t keep them tight and locked in place. The machine doesn’t sit flat entirely and is so light that it might just flip over at high intensity. It also developed squeaking sound after a month-long use and is definitely annoying when it is priced high.

Pedro Rodriquez discloses the flaw of integrating Max Trainer with iPhone in his review. The phone app is not great and duplicates and adds negative data in the tracking and progress sheets. The other negative point he mentions in his review is the cup holder that is so out of reach and the design of magazine holder that fails to keep anything in place.

Miranda Price faced similar issues as Pedro but writes in her review that Max Trainer is good for a decent workout that has a reasonably small footprint. It engages the whole body and offers great workout minus the app integration feature.

One satisfied customer, Allison Ford, has complains about the seller in her review. She says that Max Trainer was missing leg extension and the seller asked her to do all the work required to get a partial refund.

Another customer, Alex McKenzie, criticizes the manufacturer that is not honoring the Max Trainer’s warranty unless the seller is an authorized dealer. He purchased the machine via Amazon and the manufacturer would not acknowledge its warranty. According to his review, he has no qualms with the machine’s functioning but hopes he wouldn’t require a warranty anytime soon.

A user, Peter Brewer, reveals in his Max Trainer review that the system makes a lot of noise while functioning. Even though it gives a better full-body workout, it impacts the joints, especially the knees. Her problem with Max Trainer is that the noise that it started generating after few months of use is annoying and there is nothing that the warranty can fix.

Miranda Price’s review shows dissatisfaction towards its build quality. She also says that the machine is difficult to use and the belt pulley bolts back out rendering the machine useless. She recommends other users in her review against purchasing the machine as it is too pricey for the cheap parts it is fixed with.

According to Edna Cain, Max Trainer has poor quality parts and terrible warranty cover. Her review states that the pedals are flimsy and there is hardly any good amount of lubrication that is required for smooth leg movement. She claims that the heart rate monitor stopped workout after initial use and had no valid information. All it can do is provide a good calorie burn and is not for people who are looking to achieve good cross-training for running.

Erika Baldwin too was disappointed with Max Trainer. Her review also states similar problems of noisy functioning and squeaking sound coming from all the parts. She suggests other users not to use this machine and look for a better alternative.


Revolution Home Gym REVIEW

Diana Hernandez, a Revolution Home Gym customer, states in her review that this system lacks quality in build. She already noticed two broken pulley cables that required full disassembly of the unit and replacement.

A Revolution Home Gym review by Francisco James highlights the problem of leg extension connecting cables. These are too long for use and there is no way to adjust them. He also complains that it is difficult to get a good lat pull down exercise with its design. He suggests using a dumbbell along with the machine workouts.

Maggie Robertson’s review says that Revolution Home Gym works great but her 10 lbs weight cracked on the first use. She mentions that it is easy to assemble this system but may require two individuals to do so.

A reviewer, Ken Schneider states that Revolution Home Gym offers many possible exercises but is too difficult to change the disks. It might take some time to switch the system around for the next workout.


Max trainer provides a decent workout and good at beginner level. We like the functionality of revolution home gym and the results it is showing to the customers. If over looked the problems faced it the technicality of assembling the machine or extension connecting cables revolution home gym is a great choice for any fitness enthusiast.

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