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What is Clever Cover Wrap
It’s a reusable solution for your lunches and on the go snacks.

Clever Cover Wrap claims to offer you the best solution to carry your lunches to work, school or a day out with your loved ones for that matter. If you have to carry your lunch or snacks with you then you often rely on those single use plastic bags. But they are not good for the environment and what’s more, you can’t be sure that your lunch will be kept fresh like you’d want it to be. That’s where Clever Cover Wrap comes to your rescue according to its claims.

Clever Cover Wrap ensures that you stop wasting money

You keep buying bags and wraps that can be only used once to carry your lunches or snacks. But Clever Cover Wrap says that you can stop wasting your money on them because it can be reused over and over again. All you have to do is clean it in a washing machine or a dishwasher and you are ready to use it again. Next time you want to carry a meal to school, work, amusement park or a picnic, you will have your reliable wrap ready with you.

Clever Cover Wrap keeps food fresh

And that’s because it can seal the food you want to carry quite tightly. Hence there are no leaks and what’s more, there is a waterproof lining with this wrap as well. It means food will be kept fresh for you to devour whenever you want.

Clever Cover Wrap doubles up as a mat

That’s another advantage of using this wrap. When you want to sit down to eat your lunch at a table or a bench, you can simply open it and it will work as a waterproof placement for you to munch on.
Clever Cover Wrap is said to be eco-friendly and doesn’t contain BPA, Phthalates and Lead. It’s also meant to be convenient for use as it can slip into a lunchbox, briefcase and backpack as well to be carried whenever you want.

What do I get?and Price
You will get Two sets of Clever Cover Wrap
Price – $10 + $15.9P&H Total amount $25.9. Official website

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